At last, Black Templars

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Gaming, The Black Templars
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Hooray! We’re finally finished.

As promised, here is my first unit of Black Templars – a castellan and his command squad. I haven’t decided which castellan he is yet, nor what the overall theme of the army will be. I’ve been toying with a boarding party, but have painted their bases to look earthy and become distracted by landspeeders. My last few games of Warhammer 40,000 were in spring against the Tau (I moved, remember? I only started gaming again about six weeks ago). I hate playing the Tau, and am racking my brains for ways to get rid of them. Landspeeders feature in my plans somewhat, but mostly I just like the models.


The anonymous castellan.

I’ve two crusader squads, a dreadnought and a centurion squad to paint. This will take me up to 1000 points. I’m going to add a bunch of fanatical human priest types, cyber cherubs and cyborg monks to this command squad because, you know, they’re Black Templars. Game wise I’ll probably use the priest rules from Astra Militarum for these additional zealots. I may, one day, add some Tempestus Scion models painted up as human Black Templar men-at-arms. There are only a few Black Templars after all, and they’ve got a big job to do.

I’ve got so many painted models these days that I no longer feel compelled to paint things in order to field a particular army. I just do it because I like painting. Often this means I have some extra bodies to add to an existing army. I might paint a model because I like the look of it, or to surprise my regular opponents with something new. Or both. In this case of a new force where I’ve got to paint an entire army, I’ve no idea when I’ll finish all this off. But I’ll post up pictures as and when.


Behold! The true sons of the Emperor. Mr Pointy on the far left’s base isn’t finished. Sorry about that. And I know Space Marine command squads can no longer take special weapons. But it’s my hobby, so there.


The banner bearer is the only Sword Brother in the squad. He’s wearing terminator honours, so he has to be. The winged Dark Angel sword around his neck is obviously a Sword Brethren badge. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

My edge highlighting leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not a technique I’ve had much call to use in the past what with ORCS! ORKS! ORCS!, but I am getting better. Plus I painted the majority of these chaps just before we moved, in a house full of boxes, in really bad light. My new office is much better lit, and consequently the models I have finished here look better. Why am I saying this? Because I wish I had left my warlord and his buddies until last. He seemed liked the obvious place to start, and I was excited, who can blame me?  My advice is, when starting a new project, begin with a nobody who can stand at the back of a unit. He can safely be removed as the first casualty, sparing your blushes at his horrendous paint job. As it is, the badly highlighted mug of this castellan will be staring at me the whole game through.

The models you see here were originally going to be the command group for the Relictors army I started on White Dwarf. I didn’t get anywhere with it as I wasn’t happy with the finish. (I subsequently sold the few Space Marines I had painted). So this lot of Relictors have become Black Templars, even though they were sculpted to be Dark Angels. It’s a funny old 41st Millennium.

  1. AJ says:

    That’s sad, that command squads can’t take special weapons any more! I really need to go through the new codex at some point.

  2. Jimmy Carmine says:

    Some cracking looking Black Templars there. Are those converted backpacks, or are they an obscure piece from an old model?

    Plus they FAQed the codex to give Command Squads their special weapons, which is good as I’m a big fan of flamers with mine.

    • guyhaley says:

      Did they? Hurrah! My squad is now game legal. The backpacks are converted, yes. They’re plastic chaos backpacks with the chaos icons filed off. I replaced the exhaust vents with skulls.

    • AJ says:

      See… I can’t fathom a reason myself why they would have removed them in the first place!

      • Jimmy Carmine says:

        I’d imagine just one of those silly little mistakes. It’s a single line entry in the army list and easily missed. Not the first time a publication has missed something like that, doubt it’ll be the last.

      • guyhaley says:

        Speaking as an editor, it’s really easy to miss something.

  3. redfox4242 says:

    Beautiful models. Well done! 🙂

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