Posted: October 13, 2014 in Random wifflings
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Today I am very tired, having spent two fun-packed days at Warhammerfest in Coventry. As I repeatedly, endlessly moan on, I don’t get out much so it was brilliant to spend some time with my friends and colleagues for a couple of days.  Equally brilliant was meeting tons of enthusiastic gamers and readers and talking fluent war-geek! If you stopped by for a chat  or attended the seminars I was present at, thanks very much. Meeting people who actually read my books is always immensely rewarding. If I spoiled them for you with my scrappy signature, you have my apologies.

Remember, if you want to ask me about my fiction you don’t have to wait for an event, you are free to do so here or at Goodreads, my Facebook page, or on Twitter where I am, very originally, @guyhaley. I’m keen to chat. I really do not get out a lot. The walls of my basement press in. Hearing human voices restores my sanity a little.

I bought a few extra bits for my Black Templars army, enough to take my overall collection up to about 1200 points. So I will be pressing on with painting that. I’ve not played 40k for eight months, I think, but will play again as soon as I have 1000 points of Templars ready for the tabletop. A Crusader squad is next. I’ll be posting pictures.

Speaking of Space Marines…


Here I am with Daniel Knox, who is dressed as a Crimson Fist in a most convincing manner. I only found his name out when he followed me on Twitter, but I did get him to shoot me with his plasma gun. What an awesome suit of armour! A brief dance on the net leads me to believe he’s part of a cosplay group. Check out their Facebook page here.



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