More hobby: A Black Templar Initiate

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Gaming, Random wifflings, The Black Templars
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Here’s the Black Templar I’ve painted this week. I’m quite pleased with this one. My edge highlighting is getting better.


For this first “normal” (is there such a thing?) Space Marine, I thought I’d go right back to the roots of the hobby, and paint a chap in Mark VI armour.

I used the upgrade frame in building my Black Templars.  The parts on it are very cool. I’m especially looking forward to painting my next Space Marine, which has a helmet and chestpiece from the upgrade set. I intend to follow examples from the Forgeworld books, which show a great deal of variation of colour scheme and equipment within each faction, and paintings of Black Templars, which show a lot of personalisation to Initiates’ battleplate. Expect a fair degree of individuality .

As Black Templars have such a contrasting colour scheme I have been undercoating them in pieces. I sprayed the robed torso fronts and shoulder pads white, the rest black. Painting white over black is frankly horrible. Different undercoats give a much smoother finish. To do this I drilled holes in my undercoating “man stick” (a piece of 1×2″ wood I stick my models to for undercoating) and blu-tacked the pieces to cocktail sticks stuck into the holes.

I have also been only partially assembling the models before painting, gluing on shoulder pads and – where appropriate – weapons later in the painting process. Doing rank and file troopers as sub-assemblies might seem like an enormous faff, but I can paint all areas properly and the results are better. Plus it means I only ever play with painted models.

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Having never played WH40k (is that even the correct acronym?) am surprised you can even field unpainted armies?

    In the distant past I once took on my mate with his huge miniature army (he was spoilt!) with the original Warhammer rules (all I can remember is the flying gob fanatic attacks…), I had a tiny group of miniatures, unpainted that I used for leaders and the rest of my army consisted of card squares and miniature bases with colour stickers and handwritten codes… Had a small unit of ninjas that were so OP and they kicked his butt! – They literally came out of nowhere…being just colour coded plastic squares helped me thinks!

    Are you allowed to just spray your troops a colour? I think IBK (International Klein Blue) would be quite surreal…its art right? Maybe use some gold leaf for contrast…

    • guyhaley says:

      You can do what the hell you like, to be honest. I just like the whole narrative side of the game, and for me that includes lovely models on good scenery. But I have played with unpainted figures, and I have (in the very long ago) used card squares too. And you could, if you really wanted to, adorn them with gold leaf!

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