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Posted: January 8, 2015 in Archive posts, Reviews
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This morning I got an email from fellow author Mark Barrowcliffe asking for help promoting his book, Son of the Morning, which comes out today in paperback. I have absolutely no problem with this, because Son of the Morning was the best book I reviewed last year. Here’s the review I wrote for SFX 245 back in February 2014. It’s sadly brief, but you get the idea. If it were any longer, I’d only be giving you more reasons why it is so great.

I really hope this is Mark’s ‘break-out book’, as they say in the trade. He deserves it; his work is meticulously well researched and painstakingly written. The result here is phenomenal.

Mark’s request suggests to me that there’s nothing wrong in asking one’s fellow scribblers for help, something I’ve shied away from personally owing to nebulous British desires to not be a bother nor blow my own trumpet. But really, doing this is no bother at all, and if I feel that way, maybe others will too… So watch out. Anyway, read this review − this novel is genuinely one of the finest fantasies I’ve read for a long time − then go buy it here (Kindle) and here (paperback).

Son of the Morning


The Hundred Years Angel War

Author: Mark Adler

Publisher: Gollancz

An alternative 100 Years War set in a world where God takes a direct interest in his creation, Son of the Morning is a smart, gripping historical fantasy. Here angels dwell in cathedrals and fight for their kings. Adler’s is not a kindly God, but an unforgiving, Old Testament smiter who relishes sacrifice and casts people into Hell for the least of sins.

Adler’s taken the Luciferian heresy as the starting point for Son of The Morning – God usurped Lucifer, the true creator, and imprisoned him and his followers in Hell. Lucifer came to Earth as Jesus, and God took all the credit. God then did a savage PR job on the fallen angel, and the rest, as they say, is history. Lucifer and his demons have taken control of part of Hell, throwing back Satan’s devils. This war spills onto Earth with the advent of the “antichrist”.

Despite first appearances, the book is not a Christian-bashing polemic, but a sharp attack on inequality as applicable to the wild inequities of today’s super capitalism as it is to Feudalism’s self-justification through Christianity. If that sounds a bit heavy, trust us, it isn’t. There’s a great deal of humour, well-observed characters, glorious occult and historical detail, plenty of intrigue, and great battles. Adler’s depiction of Crecy, with both sides supported by angels and devils, is particularly enjoyable.

Did you know?

Mark Adler is actually Mark Barrowcliffe, AKA M.D. Lachlan, author of the interesting but not quite as good Wolfsangel historical fantasy series.


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