Wandering in a winter wonderland

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Notes from Hebden Bridge, Random wifflings
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Well, not in a wonderland. I love Yorkshire, but I draw the line at “wonderland”. But I’m stuck for a header.

Yesterday I was up on the moors in the snow. Very pretty, and delightfully cold. Here’s a picture of Stoodley Pike Monument from Erringden.


The kind of snow we had looked like that fake stuff they spray on things in films and television. As in this wall here.


There’s more on the way, so they say. I look forward to it.

Today I went up the other side of the valley, cycling this time, up the Jumble Hole (it’s a valley, or more precisely a gorge – see below) to my parents’ house. I took an inadvisable route and had to lug my bike up a mountainside like Klaus Kinski did with that boat in Fitzcarraldo. Kind of. I wanted a cup of tea when I got to the top, but my parents were out. Ah! The agony of the writer’s life.

I was reading the Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society the other day (it’s more interesting than it sounds). In one article, the Calder Valley is described as a “gorge”. I never thought of it like that before. I suppose it is. It makes it sound much more exciting, and also slightly forbidding. Orcs should live here.

  1. tsuhelm says:

    The Battle of Jumble Gorge …has a nice ring to it! You should make the Warhammer map, because if you build it they[orcs] will come!

    I once designed a D&D dungeon map based on 2 streets of YORK…I didn’t include the Odeon but now my brain jingles at the possibility…wish I knew of a good dungeon map maker for my work computer!

    Oh I so miss the cold weather for Xmas… I have not seen snow (other than on mountains) in over 5 years!

  2. ethanreilly says:

    Living in Australia, snow is always a bit of a novelty. Got to spend some time in Canada and the US for Christmas and New Year’s, and even though I felt like I was risking hyperthermia (not really), I couldn’t help wandering around like a tourist and taking innumerable photos of what was (no doubt) the everyday winter landscape. Sure makes thinks look cool (most unfunny pun ever!).

    • guyhaley says:

      Everything you are unfamiliar with is exotic. I remember watching some Australians watching a bumblebee with fascination. Entirely mundane to me, but enchanting to them. I think that’s cool in itself.

      I’m pretty sure the heat in Australia would kill me. It’s all just what you’re used to. Snow is not that common here. It’s an occasional distraction from the rain.

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