The Rise of the Horned Rat – Guy Haley

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I don’t reblog a lot of stuff, but I figured I’d pinch this review of The Rise of the Horned Rat. This was a tricky book to write, so I’m gratified it’s going down well.

Track of Words

The Warhammer End Times series of novels gets its 4th instalment with Guy Haley’s The Rise of the Horned Rat, accompanying the Thanquol background book and exploring the skaven’s involvement in the series. In a similar way to The Fall of Altdorf this avoids trying to cover everything that happens in the background book, instead focusing on the ratmen’s all-out assault on the dwarfs. Queek Headtaker returns to the war-torn Karak Eight Peaks to finally cast out his great rivals, Skarsnik and King Belegar, while the all across their realm the dwarfs see only darkness and death. In the shadows, pulling strings, lurk the daemonic Verminlords.

Having already explored the story of Karak Eight Peaks in his novel Skarsnik, Guy Haley is the obvious choice to tackle this book. He manages once again to really get under the skin of these characters, whether looking at Queek and Skarsnik’s awareness…

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