Cooking, USA

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Notes from Hebden Bridge

I’ve had two pumpkins in the fridge for months. They were taking up too much space, so I made them into a pie yesterday. An American dish I’ve not attempted to make before, it is very tasty.



  1. TheRhino says:

    Pumpkin pie is an American dish?! What do you typically do with pumpkins across the pond? Bravo on not using canned pumpkin, either. Vile stuff. A tip for next time: cover the edges of your crust with foil to keep them from burning.

    • guyhaley says:

      Yeah, it’s renowned as an American dish over here, is it not a Thanksgiving treat? In fact, when I was a kid pumpkins seemed really exotic. They really weren’t very common, being native to North America. So typically, until quite recently, we didn’t eat them much!

      Thanks for the tip on the crusts!

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