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I finished a pair of Hobbit eagles a week or so ago. Here’s pictures of just the  one because honestly, how much giant eagle can you take?

I’m only just getting round to putting it up today. Busy, and ill. My cold, the one that caused me to lose my voice at Warhammer World (if you find it, please return), has now given me bronchitis. Whoopee. To make up for this slackness, no matter how well justified,  I’ll have a Black Templars landspeeder to show you soon. Won’t that be lovely?


It’s quite atmospheric, this shot. Totally by accident. I really need to buy a couple of anglepoise lamps so I can do this properly.



A blurry close-up. Need lamps!



Warhammer World Weekend

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Thanks to everyone who came to see me and my fellow writers at this weekend’s Warhammer World Grand reopening. We’ve had a few tweets saying “thanks for signing our books”. We writers are just as thankful that you’ve bought the things and enjoy reading them. There’s nothing like a happy reader to put a shine on one’s ego.

I apologise to anyone who caught the crappy cold I have. I still haven’t shaken it, and am only just beginning to recover my voice. It better come back for tomorrow, as I’m supposed to be doing a talk in a local school. Anyway. Sorry if you have the sniffles.

Warhammer World now sports a fancy new atrium entrance, and three shops – one for Citadel, Forgeworld and Black Library apiece. But the best thing is the new exhibition. There’s been a museum there for years, but it’s been enormously expanded with a dozen or so HUGE displays. To call them dioramas doesn’t do them justice.

I took a couple of pictures.


Valedor! You’ve seen the display, now buy the novel. (Gav Thorpe not included).


Cadians on parade.

These don’t come close to capturing the place, and are of two of the smaller ones anyway. Yes! That’s right, the smaller ones! If you love model soldiers as much as me, it’s heaven.

Speaking of which, I’ve a stack of new hobby purchases on my desk right next to me, cruelly tempting me away from my work. I had a three hour nap to drive out the rest of this disease and rest up after the event, so I better get on with it, but not before leaving you with this weird video Nick Kyme showed me on the Sunday. I can’t get it out of my head…