Up to Galloway

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Random wifflings
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We don’t get many holidays, mostly because of my lawyer wife’s crazy working hours. But we were lucky enough to go to Scotland to stay with my cousin on Monday 25th May. After an incredibly stressful journey (cracked windscreen, near accident, open door on the motorway) we spent two brilliant nights up in Galloway. Benny caught his first fish (a pike!) we went to the seaside and did a spot of grass sledging.

Anyway, the reason for this is not to tell you the tedious ins and outs of my life, but to furnish you with the latest in my exhilarating series of pictures of rocks on hills. Here’s Benny at Bruce’s Stone in Glen Trool, a memorial to Robert the Bruce’s victory there over the English in 1307. This time, we had to make do with a short hike, but we’ll scale the hills on our next visit. Still, a fine day out.


Small Viking, medium rock, big glen.


  1. Matt Keefe says:

    “She’s no coming, Guy. She’s no coming… They’re all saying no one roond here’s ever heard of her, Guy. Listen, you’re going to to have to tell me what’s going on…”

  2. Peter Smith says:

    The way that you mention the cracked windscreen/near accident/open door on the motorway and then dismiss the paragraph containing them as part of the “tedious ins and outs” of your life suggests that you are discreetly living the life of an action hero. I can imagine you saying, “I’d only popped out for some milk when I had to fight a chopper load of armed goons. Still, mustn’t grumble.”

    In a world that has a celebrity endorsed website on airport carpets (www.carpetsforairports.com) I think a website dedicated to big rocks on hills has a chance. If you’re lucky the domain http://www.bigrocksonhills.com might still be available.

    • guyhaley says:

      I am a little more Han Solo than I let on. For example, today my arm is covered in bruises from a sabre fight. There’s more I could say, but I signed the Official Secrets Act.

      • Peter Smith says:

        I refuse to fall for your obvious nerd-baiting implying that Han Solo would have wielded a sabre. At least if you still have your arm it obviously wasn’t a lightsaber.

        Last week my work sent me fencing – sadly it was the variety that involves spades, hammers and timber. When I joined the building society I never suspected it would be so literal.

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