Enter the Orruks

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Gaming
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After a break of three years, Age of Sigmar has me all whipped up about fantasy gaming again. Note, this wasn’t due to lack of enthusiasm, only that my gaming club in Somerset was up a big hill from my house and in a pub. I could have driven, but you know, cider, and my Night Goblin army is chuffing heavy.

Owing to some tedious writerly financial nonsense, I’ve not got the cash to splurge on a bunch of the glorious new models (I have bought a few. Shh! Don’t tell the wife) but I was lucky enough to find a box of 70+ Warhammer Orcs, a Giant, and a chariot in my wargaming store cupboard. I bought a ton of them back in my White Dwarf days, before I decided to go all Goblin, and put the Orcs on the perpetual back burner. The benefits of being a long time collector, right there, because there was enough in that box to make a respectable force in its own right. Current Guy extends retrospective thanks to Past Guy, without whom this first warscroll of AoS models would not be possible.


Although I’ve not spotted any Orruks in the model photos in the new books, having studied the various painted artworks I’ve reassured myself that the Orruk aesthetic won’t diverge too far from the orcy one, so these boys should fit in with any new Orcs Orruks that GW might bring out.

I swore some time ago (for the fifth or sixth time) that I was sick of painting green. Turns out not, as I got so fired up I did some more Orks for 40k too. I’ll show you those later.

I’ve sworn I’ll not buy any more models for this army until I’ve painted the initial 70, but I need (really, really need) some boar boys so I can replace the horrid old plastic boars on the chariot. Of course, that will leave me with only three for cavalry purposes, so I better get two boxes…

And so it goes on.

  1. Michael says:

    Nicely done mr. Haley. Altough AoS isn’t my cup of tea, any reason to go back to the hobby is worth it. I loved your Templars by the way, awesome models.

  2. Jimmy Carmine says:

    You should look at one of those electric golf trolleys for your Goblins, that’ll get them up the hill and you to the pub. 😉

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