Facebooking changes

Posted: November 4, 2015 in Random wifflings

Greetings! I’ve some maybe slightly inconvenient news. I dunno. Is it inconvenient? We like everything to hold the promise of microwaveable, push-button, voice-activated convenience these days even if the tech is rarely what it’s cracked up to be.  (I’m thinking of you Cortana, installed on my Windows 10, you jumped up search engine you. Er, maybe when Cortana is actually useful, it’ll get offended. So, just in case – Cortana, if you ever read this and feel enough to be upset, you’ve won, and I apologise). In this case, you human people actually only have to press a button, a virtual one at that.

What the hell am I rambling about? This: It’s that time of year when things calm down (I’ve only one project to write at once) and I turn my attention half-heartedly to social media, which I feel I should be doing more on, but awfully neglect. Facebook is my current target. I’m going to follow many of my author colleagues and separate the personal from the professional, and have a massive… well, I don’t like to use the word cull, but cull.

If I know you well, you’ll stay on my friends list for my Guy Francis Haley page. If I don’t, I’m going to “unfriend” you. It’s nothing personal, although that horrible verbal neologism makes it sound so. I still love you for liking my books, and I still want to talk to you. You can do that over on my official Guy Haley Facebook page, or right here. If you “Like” the page, you’ll get notification of all my updates, random musings and pictures of toy soldiers posted on this blog and on twitter, only without the photographs of my blood kin (I mean my nephews, brothers and so forth. I’m not in a vampire coven, but “blood kin” sounds way cooler than “family”).

Remember I’m also on Twitter as @guyhaley, and on Goodreads.

I’ll be putting this into action on Friday. I’ll post some reminders on Twitter before then.

81FWmsjEISL._SL1500_Champion of Mars, still 99p!

  1. Gav Thorpe says:

    Good plan. I’m postponing the mass Friendicide until the New Year. Also worth remembering that you can Like other Pages as both your personal profile and via your Page. Those Page to Page interactions are big gears in the FB algorithm.

  2. Peter Smith says:

    Does the removal of “blood kin” mean that you may still subject us to your in-laws?

    It’s funny because the way I ended up seeing pics of your blood kin was I posted comments on your writer’s page after we had some good chats at a few events and then you sent me a friend request from your personal page. Just as you are loathe to ask people to rate your books I would never have had the temerity to “Friend” you.

    Having fallen in the “unfriend” category I have duly liked your page.

    I do still owe you a pint and my gaming has migrated west from Harrogate to the marches of Bradford so if you fancy coming along for a pint and game some time you are always welcome.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hi Pete,

      It was a tough call booting everyone off, but I wasn’t really using my personal Facebook profile as a personal profile, rather it had become some weird, uncomfortable hybrid between book stuff and home life. Splitting the streams just makes my job easier for me for myriad reasons, not least that if I can concentrate discussions in one or two, open forum places it will encourage a critical mass of chat. I hope you’re not offended! I did friend you as you are a very nice chap, and I enjoy talking to you, so let’s continue our conversations here and elsewhere. Most of what goes on my FB profile goes on the page too, so you won’t miss out on much.

      I would love to come over to Bradford, but I don’t see it happening any time soon – I’m going through a stupidly busy period of life, and although I’ve clawed back one night for fencing and another for gaming at home one night a week, it’s a struggle to get anything more. I’ll be at the Huddersfield Warhammer shop launch though next Saturday, but that’s a fair old trek for you.

      • Peter Smith says:

        Hi Guy

        Not offended in the slightest – I would have put myself in the Unfriend category. I only have about 50 friends on Facebook because it is restricted to people in two categories: 1. Genuine friends I see regularly with whom it provides a forum for planning events and sharing photos afterwards; 2. People formerly in category 1 whom life has now carried elsewhere but with whom I like to keep in touch.

        You were always the anomaly in the bunch and although I did comment on some of your Facebook posts that included “blood coven” I always felt a little uncomfortable and a bit of an intruder. I do hope you’ll share some pics of Magnus from time to time.

        Huddersfield is a bit of a trek and with the week I have lined up by Saturday I’m just going to want to sleep but I hope it goes well at the store.

        Busy is good – hopefully it means you have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline.

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