Twilight Adventures

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Man, you want to put a pleasant little post about wargaming on the net and instead get sucked into two hours of arsing about with IT. Wasted writing time, right there!

Well, I’m here now. I wanted to tell you about Twilight. No, no! Not the thing with the sparkly, non-threatening vampires, but this.


A screen grab of a web page! How exciting.

I played Twilight with Gav Thorpe, my old pal, games designer and fellow Black Library writer. Twilight is one of the many games Gav has backed on Kickstarter. Between us, he’s got a bit of a problem with Kickstarter, but that’s good for me as I get to play weird things like this. On the other hand, you should see his collection of fighting badgers. I draw the line at that sort of thing.

We’ve been meaning to play Twilight for a while, and so when we got together at this year’s Fantasycon we took the opportunity for a clash. We were joined by Gav’s friend Carl, another ex-Games Workshop man.


Gav and Carl enjoy a fierce game of War Muppets.

Twilight is a great little game. It’s another of the latest generation of wargames to eschew the I-go-you-go turn format in favour of model activations, determined by pulling little resin stones out of a bag. The mechanics of play focus very much on the abilities of individual figures, and can lead to some fast and furious fights breaking out (on the tabletop, not around it).

The world background of Twilight is most notable, owing much to Jim Henson, especially the Dark Crystal, so much that the creator has jokingly referred to his warriors as “Battle Fraggles”. Anyaral, as the game’s continent is called, plays host to a number of sentient reptilian creatures and cultures. Naturally, they all hate each other.

The models are unusual and well sculpted. I got some hands on experience with them as Gav convinced me (I was drunk) to paint some. Despite them lacking a great deal of detail, I actually found them quite hard to paint. Perhaps it’s because the delineation between areas of detail was not terribly pronounced, although I deal with that just fine on historical figures. It was probably the anatomy – I’m not used to odd war frogs.

 Here are some

Here are some “Fubarnii Knights” ready to go. I’ve actually nearly finished these now.


Here’s one I did earlier, a Fubarnii captain of Orel on his… lizard… ostrich… chicken thing.


A Devanu. These big critters prey on the cute ones.

They’re not the cheapest of models, but far from the most expensive. £100 would get you a big enough set for two players to have a good sized game with some variation. In this age, that’s not too outrageous an ask on the old wallet.

Some of the writing is a rough around the edges, and the rulebook could be more conveniently structured, but production qualities are high and overall it’s an intriguing, fun, and above all original game that shows great promise.


Lizards riding lizards fight lizards. It’s loads better than this caption makes it sound.

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