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Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

The artwork for Pharos was painted by the very talented Neil Roberts. I need to get this framed for my wall!

Cripes, with headlines like that it’s no wonder I’m not a journalist any more.

I’ve had a few questions about Pharos. I’ve also seen posts online that I thought I’d comment on here. I can’t say much, but I’m going to say this:

Are there lots of Nightlords in Pharos, or a few?


Are they fighting just the Ultramarines or other legions too?

There are members of other legions present (like Polux. He’s on the cover!). It is the time of Imperium Secundus, after all.

Does it all take place on Sotha, or across Imperium Secundus?

Both (a contradictory statement. Read into that what you will).

Are there any primarchs in it?

Of course.

Will characters you’ve written about before appear, like Kellendvar and Kellenkir, or Lucretius Corvo?

Yes. I won’t say which, and I’m not saying anything about their stories.

So there you are! If you want to ask any questions, then fire away either here or on my Facebook Page. (Go on! Go and like it). The less specific they are, the more likely I am to be able to answer them.

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  1. ‘Are there lots of Nightlords in Pharos, or a few?’ Loads you said – but i think you’ll overreaching the number of NL from 5 ships can’t be more then 2-3 hundred. You mentioned that yourself in the ‘Safe and Shadowed places’ short. There did the other came from?

    • guyhaley says:

      Andrey, Andrey, Andrey! If I answer all these, there will be no story left! I said not specific. These are very specific. I will answer a few.

      Firstly – Space Marine ships, depending on their size, can carry A LOT of men. And what makes you think there four or five ships?

  2. So how the daddy bat will get himself to Sotha – I can’t emphasize enough that NL doesn’t brightly shine with positive emotions! But i know he will get to Sotha – now we just need to figure how?

  3. Will we see characters from your other shorts based on Ultramar? You have 2 of them. How many Imperial Fists survived with Polux to arrive at Macragge? Will we see more actions of the awesome WS captain from ‘Unremembered Empire’?

    • guyhaley says:

      Will you see Ultramar character I’ve written about? Absolutely. I say so in the post. I have no idea how many fists exactly arrived on Macragge, but why do they have to be there? And… wait and see.

  4. Will where would be some Primarch surprises and appearances, except for the guys we know of – Lion, Guilli, Sanguinius, Curze? Are Sanguinius still sitting his arse on the throne doing nothing, while Guilliman running after Lorgar? From the point of timeline – when did the battle for Nuceria happened?

  5. So that’s the story how Imperium Secundus will end? In blood and darkness – but at the same time everyone will leave for Terra at last? Sevatar would get his hands bloody again?

  6. Will we get space battles? I do love them – and W4OK always made me happy with them – but then the HH arrived with Phall, Alaxxes, Luna, Terra etc. So each HH novel has a potential to include great void carnage scene 😉

  7. When it would be released 😉

  8. Thank you for all the answers 😉 Even for the ‘wait and see’ ones 😉

  9. Mithfanion says:

    Hi Guy,

    Very much looking forward to Pharos. It does seem to come out before the year is out, but BL is cryptic as always. This will be a great story.

    One question very much on my mind that won’t spoil anything: Is Sanguinius in this book, and does he have a substantial role?

    A second thing I am wondering about, but this is less important than the 1st question, the Horus Heresy teaser from BL refers to “On the Throneworld, Rogal Dorn and Malcador organise the defences, while the Wolf King plans a strike against the traitorous Warmaster”.

    Is that something that your novel will cover as well? Or does that part of the teaser not refer to your book?


    • guyhaley says:

      Hello Mith,

      Sanguinius is in the book. Whether or not he has a substantial role in the story is for you to decide when you read it.

      The stuff about the Throneworld refers to other book(s). Mine takes place on the other side of the galaxy. Enough happens in Pharos without a trip to Terra!

      The reason your question didn’t pop up straightaway is that I have WordPress set up so that I have to approve all the comments of first-time commentators manually, in case you were wondering.

  10. Mith says:

    Hi Guy,

    Well, I was more interested in whether you yourself feel he has a substantial role?
    I remember a lot of excitement about Sanguinius supposed to be included in “Unremembered Empire” and him showing up only at the tail end for a few pages was quite the disappointment.

    My gut feeling is that he will have a bigger role here, but how do you judge that? This is cryptic enough that we’re not spoiling anything so..

    I’d love for him to interact with Conrad Kurze.

    Secondly, Alaskan Malamutes. Love them, such super gorgeous dogs. I have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog myself ( google them, you’ll like them), also a beautiful animal but he does not require as much time and effort as the Malamute surely would. Saw a few of them at a dog show last year, they are such stunners and have funny manners as well. Quite wolflike in some ways. They are much more prone to howling, even if it is softly. Communicators is what they are.

    I find them easily distinguishable from a Husky myself but then I know a thing or two about dogs.

  11. guyhaley says:

    I know that’s what you were interested in! I am trying to be mysterious. But you’ve cornered me. In my opinion Sanguinius does have a major role to play. But in my opinion. Yours may differ.

    I Googled your dog’s breed. What an awesome beast! Interesting history too. I love the ancient breeds. I do enjoy my Malamute, although his dodgy hip has put paid to many of my ambitions for the activities we were going to do together.

    I think if you do know a little about dogs they are pretty easy to tell apart from huskies, but to most people they, and all other similar spitz breeds, are just “huskies”. My dog is often mistaken for a husky bitch with similar markings that lives around here even though I and the owner look very different, and the dog is half the size of Magnus. There’s a northern inuit that lives about a mile away that I often meet on walks. He’s taller and less heavily built than my dog, and with different facial markings, but again, cases of mistaken identity are common.

  12. Mithfanion says:

    That’s a shame that he has a hip problem, hope it doesn’t limit you guys too much, as long as you can do longer walks or maybe have him run next to your bike he can still release his ( undoubtedly vast) energy.

    It’s funny that in your post about him you described so many things typical of the breed.
    A lot of people are drawn to them for their gorgeous look but of course neither a Husky or a Malamute is for owners who cannot spend much time with them or exercise them. And that leads to more rejections than usual. They descend from wolves and thus have a mind of their own. They do good in families as well as they love to be in “packs”.

    As for size, even the female Malamutes are notably larger and bulkier than male Huskies, so the male Malamute is easily recognizable for sure.

    • guyhaley says:

      Oh yeah, we still do all that. I just can’t run him as far as I’d like, and have to keep his pulling activities to a minimum. I did a lot of reading before I got him, so I knew what I was getting into. It’s a shame they’re so popular right now. Rescue shelters over here are stuffed full of huskies and malamutes given up by people who couldn’t cope with them.

  13. Mith says:

    Hi Guy,

    Any chance this will still be published this year?
    It’s kind of strange, to say the least, how BL has a clearly laid out scheduled for 12 Beast Arises books, but when it comes to Horus Heresy it seems Alpha Legion levels of stealth are being applied to never let people know when to expect a book.


  14. Mith says:

    Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s been released today as an e-book first.
    Could not be more frustrated by that as I would have happily paid for a hardback release, but e-books I do not read. Hopefully a regular version will follow soon, but I don’t understand this strategy, it’s not something I see any other publisher do.

  15. Mith says:

    Well, just wanted to give you some feedback here on first responses. Very positive.
    I’ve read a lot of comments on the messageboards and 9 out of 10 people really like Pharos.

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