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Posted: January 27, 2016 in Random wifflings
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Woo. That was a tough six weeks. As happens several times a year, my blogging was interrupted by work and life. I’ve just finished the longest book I’ve ever written. 170,000 words written over four and a half months, plus other stuff on the side (to forestall questions: I can’t tell you what it is. It’s not Horus Heresy. It’s not 40k. It’s not Warhammer in any shape or form. Enough already!). There’s not been much time for anything but writing and hoovering and all that tedious domestic stuff.

We had a good Christmas. Afterwards I intended to take some proper, sitting on my arse not talking to anyone time off… And then my home town experienced the worst flood it ever has. We live right next to the river, but we’re high up and bought our house knowing that it has not flooded just here in living memory. Naturally, the water was lapping at the boundary wall on Boxing Day. I took fright, and spent all day moving the contents of my office upstairs, then all the next moving it back. Fortunately, we did not flood. Later that week I spent a couple of days doing voluntary work helping people whose circumstances necessitated a bit more than moving hundreds of books and a million goblins from one room to another. So, no relaxing time off. As a couple of days of writing were swallowed too, (and I was running late, to be honest) work fell behind, requiring much hard pedalling on the write-o-matic to catch up. To those brave souls who come here to read this drivel, I apologise I’ve not been drooling as much as usual. There’s only so much Guy to go around.

Anyway, although I’ve still got a work slate so loaded I can’t even begin to think of a humorous metaphor, I’m coming back to blogging. Expect soon:

  1. More book reviews.
  2. Recent hobby activities and plans for the year.
  3. Why I’m really enjoying Age of Sigmar.
  4. My opinion on Star Wars episode VII.
  5. An account of the flood.

I reserve the right to be lazy and sack any/all of that off or not write it until 2018, but it’s what’s in the plan.

If you think I should try harder, then consider this: I wrote 435,000 words of fiction last calendar year. This does not include blogs, reviews, articles and other material. My fingers hurt.


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  1. tsuhelm says:

    YORK floods always fun! My Mum is 2 streets up from the river and was excited to have ‘lots of dishy’ soldiers running around out front. One of my nieces, while filling sandbags, managed to get in picture with the PM when he visited!

    Glad to have you back 🙂

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