Fyreslayer surprise

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Fiction, Gaming, The Black Library

A couple of weeks ago the Age of Sigmar book Fyreslayers came out, including a lengthy short story of mine by the name of “The Volturung Road”. There’s a brilliant surprise I got not long after submitting the finished work that I’m going to share.

mad un

Games Workshop artist Kevin Chin enjoyed the story so much he drew this sketch of the crazed Grimwrath Bezerker Brokkengird. Cool eh? And proof if any is needed that the guys who make Warhammer up are just as mad on it as you are.

  1. Banhammer says:

    Really enjoying this book, although I am still having trouble visualising the realms of Age of Sigmar. To me it seems like the realms could be flat but endlessly so with the realm gates to travel between the realms. But sometimes it also seems that the world is round, but vast and the realm gates are methods of fast travel to other part of the same realms and others contained in this world.

    • guyhaley says:

      Some Realm Gates go to other realms, some to other parts of the the same realm. It doesn’t really matter if the realms are round like globes or flat. Each realm is huge, so they probably encompass both types of “planet”. They’re not planets, or countries, but almost magical universes unto themselves. They’re not infinite, but they are absolutely massive. That’s my take on them, anyway.

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