A little bit of hobby: Age of Sigmar Giant

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Gaming
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Here’s my latest finished miniature for Age of Sigmar, a Warhammer giant, or as it is now known, gargant.

I’ve had this chap knocking about in a box for years. I originally got hold of it when we did the White Dwarf relaunch “Teh Giant Roxxor!” issue (yeah, I’ve had a long and lovely relationship with the internet). I distinctly remember the GW studio manager asking me suspiciously “Why did we give you one of those then?” Well, I needed to put the thing together so I could understand the kit properly and present it in the best light. I also really wanted one, but the first reason was paramount. I still think it’s important to engage with models when writing about them. When I was commissioned for Baneblade I assembled a Baneblade and had it on my desk throughout the writing. I still generally do something with the figures and/or games when I’m working. Not always, I admit, but often.

I didn’t paint this giant for ages for two reasons. The first was that I already had a painted Marauder Giant from waaaaay back (I still have it. It weighs as much as my head), and those pesky points values prevented me from taking two. Even when it was allowed, it didn’t make for a workable army. The second was that as time went on and WFB seemed to become more and more about breaking the latest army book and less about co-operative fun, I stopped playing in favour of other games (I really did have this experience a lot, and it wasn’t to my taste). Together with my also neglected until recently but now freshly painted Orruks, he’s finally out of the box and ready to stomp.


I decided on a traditional fairy-tale vibe for the giant, because I just love the fleeing peasant and his hapless, soon to be consumed mate.


Another detail I love is the cow! Brilliant. Besides being very dynamic, the model is festooned with humorous touches.









Rargh! Im going this way.

Rargh! I’m going this way. Stop me if you can.


A face only a hobbyist could love.


  1. Gav Thorpe says:

    I remember when Brian Nelson did the cow, a true moment of design genius. (I note the absence of squashed goblin, Mr Haley…)

  2. FWIW, I know the infamous “Giant issue” got a bad internet rep, but I really didn’t think it deserved it. Of course, there was a major focus on the Giant (a major new plastic kit that GW needed their investment back on) but there was plenty more in the issue, and even what there was on the Giant wasn’t just “BUY IT NOW” (the how-it-was-made article was quite interesting as I recall).

    Certainly, the Giant issue was nothing compared to the depths WD plumbed later, the Dreadfleet issue being the absolute nadir IMO, but the whole of the last year or two before its demise wasn’t much cop. (I’m sure much of it was mandated by upper management rather than blame being assigned to any particular individual on the team; but speaking as a paying customer, either way it sadly wasn’t worth the money by the end).

    I say this as proud owner of all 409 issues of White Dwarf: the Giant issue was far, far from the worst IMO, no matter what the collective mind of the internet may say. So if that’s the worst the internet can throw at you, you’re doing OK in my view!

    Plus, the Giant model itself is rather good – I have a half-painted Chaos Dwarf Siege Giant, based on the same kit.

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