The Bridestones in winter

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Notes from Hebden Bridge
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As spring has arrived, with its soggy load of pissing rain (rain! How much I haven’t missed thee), let’s take a look back to last week when we had a fleeting taste of proper cold in this, the mildest winter on record. I love snow, and have been most disappointed by the last couple of years, but hey, that’s climate change for you.

On Saturday Benny, Magnus and I went up to the tops to our favourite place, The Bridestones, whose magnificent, wind sculpted formations have appeared here before. The snow fell on Friday. It didn’t last in the valley, but as usual, the moors were practically arctic. Very cold, and dazzling bright in the intermittent sun. Up there, there was around 25 centimetres of snow, or thereabouts. We did a bit of sledging, with Magnus doing a little pulling.

The Bridestones are amazingly beautiful whatever the season. I recommend you visit them, should you get the chance.


A view down the Calder Valley.


My lad Benny, giving the thumbs up before he got wet and cold.


Looking out Todmorden way.


The majestic Magnus in his natural environment. He’s on his lead because, you know, sheep.

  1. Peter Smith says:

    This article gave me deja vu. Last time you featured the Bridestones it was the first time I’d heard them mentioned in about 30 years. I’d started to think they were a creation of my childhood imagination. When I last went there I would have been younger than Benny is now though our golden retriever was not inclined to be a sled dog.

    I must make the effort to go up there this year. Last Thursday was my birthday so I haf the day off work and went to Simon’s Seat. I was excited by slush and ice then woke up on Friday morning to find the snow had come in earnest.

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