A short burst of news

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Wotcha. I don’t really have much to say today, only a sense that I should say something seeing as I’ve been away a while from this here blog. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I say this periodically, you must be used to it by now.

I’ve been busy this year. Already in 2016 I’ve written 250,000 words, give or take. That’s one novel, one short novel, one novella, two short stories, the back end of a very large novel and sundry other bits and pieces. I’ve just come off a period where I’ve been working pretty much every night as well as during the day. That time is passed, for now.

Hobby wise, I’ve been playing some Bolt Action with 20mm plastics, but mostly Age of Sigmar. We started a Path to Glory campaign last week, and I’m now painting my warband. I’ll have a shot of a test beastman to show sometime later this week.

There’ve been a few days trips. I’ve damaged my elbow fencing and now have to stretch the tendons in my arm several times a day. I’m in the process of sourcing a new dog; I still miss poor old Magnus greatly.

Oh yeah, and the Euro referendum’s coming up. After much thought, I’ve decided to vote remain. The way I see it it’s a vote between being ruled by an massively unwieldy surpranational club that can’t agree on anything, or our own hereditary class of out-of-touch toffs. Like the Norman barons they’re descended from, they’d prefer to avoid closer ties with France, unless they’re ruling it personally.

The former is preferable to the latter, even if the EU have been stupidly stubborn about British unease over mass immigration, and seems implacably resistant to any kind of reform. Cameron’s been weak, the EU’s weak. Our most important politicians are ditherers who constantly have one eye on their post-political status within the global plutocracy. There’s no vision to be seen.

So much bollocks has been spouted by both sides in this campaign, it really is the lowest form of politics. Shameful on all sides. Brexit offers no viable alternative other than some kind of thinly veiled  nostalgia for empire. Vote Remain has played the fear card so strongly their propaganda is as realistic as a tarot table full of Death cards in a horror flick. Boris dropped the Hitler bomb well early. I mean, come on. When Hitler comes out in an argument, it’s all over.

I got the fear this morning that I could soon be living in a world where Donald Trump is US president, and Britain screws itself over royally for the fears of old folks and the deliberately misled. I can see one plus point in a Trump presidency – he’ll make such a hash of it it will shock the US establishment out of its deeply entrenched partisan deadlock. Either that, or we’ll all perish in nuclear fire. Britain leaving the EU leads to less dramatic misery, but misery nonetheless. I keep getting flashbacks to the 70s.

Still. Plenty of books to write, plenty of toy soldiers to paint. Life goes on, even if I can’t bend my arm properly.

  1. morvael says:

    What a depressing post, seems like the End Times for our world (as we know it) are approaching…

  2. Dave Allen says:

    It’s an interesting perspective on proportionality that can in one breath rightly condemn BJ for his Godwin, but the next suggest that a Trump presidency risks nuclear annihilation.

    • guyhaley says:

      How so, Dave? BJ’s Hitler comment is a sad internet truism. Trump dropping the bomb is merely the bitter joke of a sad old cynic. I make no claims to serious journalism on this blog. Do I think Trump will start World War III? Of course not.

    • guyhaley says:

      Besides, that two breaths, surely. They’re not even in the same paragraph. 🙂

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