I am, for want of a better Linean-type categorisation for my own peculiar sub-career, a science fiction journalist, and now a writer of the same. The principal difference being once I interviewed people about making stuff up, now I make my own stuff up. The latter is more fun.

I was born in 1973, the eldest of five boys, all of whom are arty media sorts, if short-tempered and, well, short (all except number 4, who is genuinely large enough to ride a horse). We were raised on the moors of Yorkshire, where we all survived to adulthood despite freezing temperatures, angry boggarts and proximity to the volatile Lancastrian border.

I began my career on SFX Magazine in 1997, where I eventually became deputy editor, before leaving to edit notable gaming magazine White Dwarf at Games Workshop. Three years later I ran away to be  involved in the launch of the ill-fated, if bold, SF magazine Death Ray, which I also edited. Since its demise in 2009 I have been wandering the media hinterlands as a pen for hire.

I lived in Somerset for much of the last 20 years, but returned to Yorkshire two years ago with my with my wife Emma and young son Benny (yes really, and no, nobody under 107 years of age remembers Crossroads now).

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Fellow Yorkshireman!

  2. Gina Z says:

    Mr Haley, My husband is looking for Hardcover book , SANCTUS Reach: Evil Sun Rising in the USA. I have found it available in France, England. It is very expensive to ship it to the USA. Will you be releasing it in the USA? I would love to surprise my husband with this book he has been wanting to read (hardcover) since it came out!
    Thanks for your time

    • guyhaley says:

      I personally don’t release the books, that’s my publisher, so forgive me if this information is wrong as I don’t have anything to do with all that – I just write the books! All my Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 fiction is published by Black Library, which is part of Games Workshop. It will have been released in the US already. You should either order it direct from them at http://www.blacklibrary.com, or go to one of the US Games Workshop stores (if you have one nearby – check here http://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/store/storefinder.jsp?_requestid=7029202). Although I’d ring before going to make sure they have a copy, as books like this one are released in limited numbers and are available for a limited period of time. I hope that helps.

  3. Gina Z says:

    Thank you for the information and getting
    back to me so quickly!
    Gina Z

  4. Logan Mc Donagh says:

    Hi I am Logan a first time writer. Just wondering if you know any good developmental editors or copy line.

  5. […] Emperor’s Railroad, a new novella published by Tor.com, is authored by Guy Haley. In a previous life, Haley was an editor at the White Dwarf, the magazine of the Games Workshop. […]

  6. Hi Mr. Haley!

    Stumbled on to your site here and just wanted to drop a greeting. I just finished reading Throneworld. It was the first book I read that you authored and I loved how you described how psykers would feel to be so close to the Emperor. Always wondered about that.

    Also read that you’d be writing the end of the series – looking forward to that, as well as reading a few more of your books. Thank you for your writings sir!

  7. Tony Letizia says:

    Hi Mr. Haley,

    I just read Emperor’s Railroad and the Ghoul King. They were recommended to me by my good friend Chris McGrath, the illustrator of the cover art for the books . They are excellent and engaging stories. When will the next story of Quinn the fallen knight Atlantis be coming out.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hi there. I am glad you enjoyed the books. I am waiting to hear from the publisher as to whether they will commission further Quinn stories. However, even if they don’t, I’ll probably do something with them myself.

  8. Dan Jones says:

    Hi Guy!

    Do you accept postcards? I would love to send you one in appreciation for the fantastic novel, Shadowsword.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hi there. I don’t give my address out, I’m afraid. But thanks for liking the book!

      • Dan Jones says:

        I loved it so much! As an army veteran, I enjoyed reading about the close camaraderie of the crew members despite their different backgrounds. It reminded me so much of the challenges I had when I served overseas. Gollph especially reminded me that even the most unassuming people can surprise.
        The best moment for me – and if you haven’t read the story there’s some spoilers ahead – is when Adelard reaches out his hand to Bannick and says, “You have nothing to fear. We are brothers, you and I…” this reminded me of when the US air force helicopter would escort our meagre road convoy. We’d hear them come on the radio and say, “have no fear brothers, your escort is here!”. Our crew mates would cheer inside our APC thankful that these superheroes had our backs. The moment on your novel made me smile with that forgotten memory and I thank you for it.

        Will we be able to read more tales of Honoured Lieutenant Bannick’s crew again?

        All the best!

      • guyhaley says:

        I love it when actual soldiers like the books. I’ve never served, so hope all my made up stuff rings true. You’ve made my day.

        I do have a third book in the series planned, but it won’t be written for a while.

  9. Alexander says:

    Guten Tag und Entschuldigung für die doofe Frage aber wie komme ich denn am ein Autogramm von Ihnen? Ihrem Kollegen Graham McNeil sollte ich ein Buch zusenden.

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