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Age of Sigmar!

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Gaming
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Can we play Mr Guy? Of course you can, because there are no points values any more. Yippee! And so the latest band of greenies is added to my horde.

Morning. Here it is then, why I like Age of Sigmar so much, as promised. There’s a lot of “people think, but are wrong” coming at you, just so you’re warned. You know, in case you’re one of the wrong ones.

As I have said so many times here on this blog, I used to hate The Lord of The Rings Battlegame. I played it once or twice, and wrote it off as “whoever rolls the highest dice wins. Rubbish.” Years later, having fallen in with a bunch of gamers who loved it, I grew to appreciate the complexity that arose out of its seemingly basic nature, and still love it to this day.

I approached Age of Sigmar with a more open mind because of this experience, and I am glad I did. What, when viewed through the lenses of grief and suspicion, looks like the Thomas the Tank Engine Wargaming Rulesset, is just as complex, involving and rewarding as any wargame I have played, if not more so. And I have played a lot. Here’s my justification. (more…)

Only it didn’t happen on a Sunday.

On Tuesday Mengel Miniatures sent me a picture of their gorgeously painted Retributor, sparking a second flurry of Stormcast Eternal model pictures. So here’s some more, and there’s good ideas for colour schemes in this lot. They all came from Twitter, so handles rather than real names are presented. Follow them, some of these guys are prolific hobbyists.

The one that started the second Sigmarite advance, from @MengelMinis

The one that started the second Sigmarite advance, from @MengelMinis.


Fyreslayer surprise

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Fiction, Gaming, The Black Library

A couple of weeks ago the Age of Sigmar book Fyreslayers came out, including a lengthy short story of mine by the name of “The Volturung Road”. There’s a brilliant surprise I got not long after submitting the finished work that I’m going to share.

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Games Workshop artist Kevin Chin enjoyed the story so much he drew this sketch of the crazed Grimwrath Bezerker Brokkengird. Cool eh? And proof if any is needed that the guys who make Warhammer up are just as mad on it as you are.

I finally got round to playing Age of Sigmar a week ago, and I loved it. I’m going to write a post about why it is a such a good game later. In the meantime, here are some pictures I was sent by folks on Twitter and Facebook when I asked what colour schemes they chose for their Stormcast Eternals, because, ya know, I was looking for cool ideas to pinch! I said I’d put ’em on my blog, so here they are, and very nice they look too.

If you’ve got a Stormcast Eternals paintjob you want to share, send it to me via the comments, on Twitter or my Facebook page. If I get enough, I’ll collect them here again.



This one’s by James Bragg who works at Warhammer World. He went for a battle-scarred look. I really like that, so may dirty up my own too. Follow James on @JamesBragg1984


John French SCE

John French (THE John French, of Ahriman and Heresy fame) devised his own colour scheme – The Stormhost of the Last Oath. @johshfrench


JPipin SCE

This one’s from @Jipin, who I may know offline, or I may not. That’s the problem with Twitter when people don’t use their real names! Anyway, he’s chosen turquoise as a spot colour to link his Forces of Order, as on the shoulder pads of this Knight-Venator (awesome model, I have to get one).



Graeme Lyon, fellow writer and one-time Black Library editor, has elected to join the Celestial Vindicators, because “they’re green and angry”. @graeme_lyon


WitchHunterSCE (2)

An Iron Warriors inspired Stormcast, by @witchhunterrecs



Clint Mallet reckons his bone-coloured work in progress isn’t fit for the blog, but I disagree. Nice contrast. @kluncau



Finally, James Karch’s stunning Astral Templars Knight-Vexillor. James is a big cheese at Warhammer World. All those fancy displays there? His job. Great looking model. No twitter handle here, as this one came via my Facebook page feed.


Crash (cutdown)Champion of Mars 99p/$1.50 81FWmsjEISL._SL1500_

Crash 99p/$1.50


Hey folks, I’m appearing at the grand opening of the shiny new Warhammer Huddersfield store on December 5th. I’ll be signing, so bring your books along, I’ll also be open to chats and questions. I’ve told my warboss and the orks are gearing up for a Waaagh! If they can get their space hulk in order, I might also be playing a few games. See you there!







Plenty of dakka!

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Gaming
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Waaagh! I’ve been totally sick of Jes Bickham’s hive tyrant for years. This ramshackle AA cannon should sort it right out. Purchased at the beginning of last year for the very purpose of dealing with irritating, flying extra-galactic monsters, it also does a fine job at blasting pesky fliers of the mechanical variety. I just finished painting it last week.

I was lucky enough to snag one of the last Ork barricade sets before they went off sale two years back (not pictured, but rest assured that it is also painted). Together, they make an orky take on the Aegis defence line with quad cannon, the rules for which I use to represent them in the game.


Lots of haphazardly applied, thick, red paint marks this menace out as belonging to the Evil Suns clan.

IMG_3164 IMG_3167 IMG_3165