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IMG_2739A little while ago I mentioned that I was painting a Second Age Noldor army for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I’ve been quite busy since then, and have around 800 points ready for gaming. To mark this milestone I painted this model of Erestor last week. I’m very pleased with the results, one of my best jobs in a while. It’s a nice change to be painting bright, clean colours, and the LOTR models are a joy to paint. Next for this particular force is Glorfindel, then six Knights of Rivendell. But I made myself promise to paint everything on my painting table, and I’ve a Black Templars Sword Brother, a Viking and an orc drummer to finish first.

I’ve done a lot of painting recently, so I am having a rare period of video gaming (I’m playing X-Com again). After all that, I’m looking forward to finally getting to grips with my Space Marine Centurions.


I’ve not put up any pictures of soldiers for a while. So here are a bunch of Uruk-hai archers for The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit strategy battle game that I’ve painted over the last few months. They’re Isengard models, but I use them in my Mordor army. I wanted to add some warriors who might conceivably hit something with their bows. They haven’t disappointed. Much.

IMG_2722The LOTR game has been among my favourites for the last couple of years, and I play most weeks. It also occupies a large part of my painting time. I’m currently working on a Noldor army of Eregion led by Glorfindel. I’ll post some of those later, shall I?

Black Templar #4

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Gaming, The Black Templars


Yes, he has a gravgun. Sue me.


In case you think I’m slacking, here’s my third Initiate for my crusader squad. Squad 3, in fact. They all have the numeral on them somewhere, courtesy of transfers. The chainsword sadly looks a bit like a plank of wood, the result of painting over some unsuccessful freehand.

Another Black Templar

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Gaming


Initiate number 2. These are taking me about four hours each to paint, so don’t expect to see them on a tabletop any time soon.

Mars Attacks, Uruk-hai and Black Templars.

Mars Attacks (Benny did those, not bad for a six year-old), Uruk-hai and Black Templars. And a random dice I found in a bag pocket, dropped on the floor and then kept painfully treading on. I should just put it in the tin with the others. Lazy.