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IMG_2870 I’ve been reading about Space Marines for the last fortnight as I attempt to catch up on the Horus Heresy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has induced an urge to paint power-armoured post-humans, so I added another warrior to my Crusader Squad. As this unit can take an additional specialist melee weapon, I’ve given him a power fist. Smush! Bzzt! Crush!

On this model I experimented with the Blood for the Blood God  technical paint, to make him look like a killer (they are, after all, fanatical zealots). Next time, I must remember to put it on after I’ve applied my usual coat of Winsor and Newton Matt varnish, otherwise you lose that fresh gory look. Obviously.

Not a bad job, but the models always look better in real life. Photographs mercilessly expose every dodgy highlight, speck of dust and missed millimetre of detail. Seeing my perfectly painted mini become a botched maze of overly thick paint and shakily applied line effects only intensifies my respect for the ‘Eavy Metal painters.

I’ve now painted twelve Black Templars over the last year – pretty much one a month. At this rate, I’ll be out conquering the galaxy by the actual 41st Millennium. Fear me.

IMG_1616I painted this chap before Christmas. I didn’t put an image of him up then, but as pictures of toy soldiers seem to be popular, I thought I would share. He’s the warlord for my Anglo-Danish Saga warband. I’ve also painted a Viking leader. Both are on 50mm bases with a couple of attendants. This makes them stand out on the tabletop and justifies, in my mind at least, the huge number of attack dice they get.



Here’s some likely lads, English warriors out for blood. These are Gripping Beast models for my Saga games. With these chaps completed, I now have enough painted models for a full six-point, Anglo-Danish warband. Go me.

These are done to a slightly lower standard than the likes of Erestor. Partly because on historical miniatures the detail is rarely quite so crisp as that on GW models, so it’s more difficult to be precise. On saying that, I can’t abide to paint a model poorly (by my own standards, I hasten to add).

The great thing about these guys is that they took me about seven hours to paint all told. Compare that with the ten hours it took to assemble and paint one Black Templars Sword Brother. There’s a sense of satisfaction to be had in painting one very fine model, and a different one in finishing a whole bunch of toy soldiers off in one go.

I’m on a mission to finish all the models that have been languishing on my painting table for a while. One of them was this chap, the Sword Brother leader for my first Black Templars Crusader squad. In case you were wondering, it took me forever to paint all those little crosses.

Seven LOTR elves and an orc to go, and then I can choose some new stuff to paint.















IMG_2739A little while ago I mentioned that I was painting a Second Age Noldor army for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. I’ve been quite busy since then, and have around 800 points ready for gaming. To mark this milestone I painted this model of Erestor last week. I’m very pleased with the results, one of my best jobs in a while. It’s a nice change to be painting bright, clean colours, and the LOTR models are a joy to paint. Next for this particular force is Glorfindel, then six Knights of Rivendell. But I made myself promise to paint everything on my painting table, and I’ve a Black Templars Sword Brother, a Viking and an orc drummer to finish first.

I’ve done a lot of painting recently, so I am having a rare period of video gaming (I’m playing X-Com again). After all that, I’m looking forward to finally getting to grips with my Space Marine Centurions.


I’ve not put up any pictures of soldiers for a while. So here are a bunch of Uruk-hai archers for The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit strategy battle game that I’ve painted over the last few months. They’re Isengard models, but I use them in my Mordor army. I wanted to add some warriors who might conceivably hit something with their bows. They haven’t disappointed. Much.

IMG_2722The LOTR game has been among my favourites for the last couple of years, and I play most weeks. It also occupies a large part of my painting time. I’m currently working on a Noldor army of Eregion led by Glorfindel. I’ll post some of those later, shall I?