Short Stories

On the drop down menu associated with this page, you’ll find some of my short stories, though not all. Some are just too awful to release into the wild, others have become bits of something else. Some of these have been published before, some of them are seeing the light of day for the very first time. Be warned, the stories available for your perusal on this site are the writings of an unfinished author, and don’t reflect my work today.

The majority of the earlier stories were written for a small writing group hosted on Facebook (reconstituted in 2012 on WordPress, currently dormant). The core members were Matt Keefe, Gavin Thorpe, and myself, with appearances from Jes Bickham, Aidan Haley, and Andy Smillie. It was imaginatively entitled “The Quota”, because we were supposed to write a quota of one story a month (rarely fulfilled) and “The Group”. This shocking lapse in originality aside, it helped improve all our writing.

Below is a list of all the short stories and novellas that I have written since I became serious about writing. Publication listed alongside (if any).

She Said (2006)

A Visit from a New Olympus (2006) Became part of Reality 36.

Tipping Point (2006)

Weapon of War (2006) Hub #35/ AR Store

Kasimir Larkin’s Final Sale (2007) Hub #45/ AR Store

Man of Stone (2008) – Hub #59/ AR Store

The Choice (2008) Became part of Omega Point.

The Folly of Emir Benbenbazir (2008) – AR Store

Outside (2008) Dark Spires anthology (2010)

Richards and Klein: The Nemesis Worm Novella (2009) AR Store

Rough Beasts (2009)

A Small Question of Water (2009)

The Great Tide SFX Fantasy Special (2012)

Richards and Klein: Ghost (2012)

iRobot (2012) – Interzone #244/ Starship Sofa/ Best Science Fiction 2014

The Rite of Holos (2012) – Hammer and Bolter #24

Steam Tree (2012)

Strike and Fade Audio drama (2012) – Black Library

The Shards of Erebus (2012) Mark of Calth anthology

My Love is A Device for Picking Up Bullets (2013)

Final Journey (2013) – Black Library

Blood Calm (2013) – Black Library

Engine of Mork (2013) – Black Library

Iron Harvest (2013) – Black Library

Stormlord (2013) – Black Library

King of Black Crag (2013)  Black Library

A Sense of Unity (2013) Mantic Games

Firefighting (2013)

Helbrecht: The Crusader (2013) Black Library

Hunter’s Moon Audio drama (2014) Black Library

Nurgle’s Gift (2014) – Black Library

Echoes of War (2014) – Mantic Games

Fallen Sword Novella, Damocles anthology (2014) Black Library

The Laurels of Defiance Sedition’s Gate anthology (2014) Black Library

The Last Days of Ector Novella (2014) Black Library

Season of Shadows (2014) Black Library

Evil Sun Rising Novella (2014) Black Library

Klaw of Mork Audio Drama (2014) Black Library

The Eternal Crusader Novella (2014) Black Library

Only Blood (2014) Black Library

A Safe and Shadowed Place (2014) Legacies of Betrayal anthology, Black Library

The Black Pilgrims (2014) Black Library

The Glorious Tomb (2014) Audio Drama, Black Library

Circle of Honour (2014) Black Library

Steel Jaw Joe (2014) Mantic Games

Wraithflight (2014) Black Library

The Final Compliance of 6314 (2014) Black Library

Twisted (2014) Black Library

Unforged (2015) Black Library

Unspoken (2015) Black Library

Storm of Blades (2015) Novella, Age of Sigmar: War Storm book, Black Library

The Eldritch Fortress (2015) Novella, Age of Sigmar: Ghal Maraz book, Black Library

The Call of Archaon: The Solace of Rage (2015) Black Library

The Gift of Khorne (2015) Black Library

The Crystal of Fate (2015) Black Library

The Call of Archan: The Trial of The Chosen (2015) Black Library

oThe Volturung Road (2016)  Novella, Fyreslayers, Black Library

The Emperor’s Railroad (2016) Novella, Dreaming Cities #1,

The Ghoul King (2016) Novella, Dreaming Cities #2,

The Reckoning (2016) Shakespeare Versus Cthulhu


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