The Black Library

Here’s a list of all the material I have written for Games Workshop’s Black Library, presented in order of writing with year of publication. Where you can buy the stories, I have provided links. You can find out more information about the books by using the drop down menu associated with this page, or clicking on the covers to the left of this page.


Baneblade (2013)

Skarsnik (2013)

Death of Integrity (2013)

Valedor (2014)

Shadow of the Horned Rat (2014)

Short stories and novellas

The Rite of Holos (2012) – Hammer and Bolter #24. Death of Integrity tie-in story/prequel.

Strike and Fade (2012) – Audio drama, 2012 Advent run.

The Shards of Erebus (2012) – The Mark of Calth Horus Heresy anthology.

King of Black Crag (2013) – Skarsnik tie-in.

Stormlord (2013) – Baneblade tie-in.

Engine of Mork (2013) Red Suns Meks .

Iron Harvest (2013) – Baneblade sequel.

Final Journey (2013) – Games Day 2013 Angels of Death anthology, Death of Integrity tie-in.

Blood Calm (2013) – Games Day 2013 Angels of Death anthology, Death of Integrity tie-in.

Helbrecht: The Crusader (2013) –  Black Templars.

Hunter’s Moon (2014) – Horus Heresy audio drama.

Nurgle’s Gift (2014)

Fallen Sword (2014) – Damocles Gulf tie-in novella, Damocles anthology.

The Laurels of Defiance (2014) – Black Library Weekender Sedition’s Gate Horus Heresy anthology.

The Last Days of Ector (2014) –  Valedor tie-in novella.

Season of Shadows (2014) – Black Templars.

Evil Sun Rising (2014) – Red Suns Meks, Sanctus Reach tie-in novella.

Klaw of Mork (2014) – Red Suns Meks, Sanctus Reach tie-in audio drama.

Only Blood (2014) – Black Templars.

The Eternal Crusader (2014) – Black Templars novella.

A Safe and Shadowed Place (2014) – Horus Heresy Night Lords, Legacies of Betrayal anthology.

The Black Pilgrims (2014) – Black Templars.

The Glorious Tomb (2014) – Black Templars.

Circle of Honour (2014) – Black Templars.

Wraithflight (2014) – Eldar, Shield of Baal.

The Final Compliance of 6314 (2014) – Horus Heresy.

Twisted (2014) – Horus Heresy.

Unforged (2015) – Horus Heresy.

Unspoken (2015) – Horus Heresy.

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