Published: April, 2013

Page Count: 416

Publisher: Black Library

ISBN: 1849703159


Imperial Guard fight Blood Axe Orks across a treacherous world!

Colaron Bannick is a young officer of noble birth. Posted to hostile Kalidar – a place wracked by deadly storms, covered in choking dust and troubled by bizarre psychic phenomenon – his heroic actions in his first engagement see him seconded to join the crew of the ancient Baneblade, Mars Triumphant, where he faces a terrifying enemy…

Although the story is set at the time of the Macharian Crusade, the war on Kalidar is not a part of this grand campaign (read Bill King’s Angel of Fire for that), instead the book shows an army group stretched to the limit as resources are siphoned off to fuel the Warmaster’s conquests.

In a parallel story depicted in a series of flashbacks, we also see just why Bannick fled his comfortable existence as a privileged nobleman for a hard life in the Guard.

Expect big tanks, big battles and the will of the Emperor and the Omnissiah done by man and machine against terrible odds.

Amazon UK, paperback

Amazon US, paperback

Black Library, paperback and ebook

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  3. Jim Zabek says:

    Great book. Just finished it this morning and published a review 🙂

  4. Darren says:

    Thanks for writing this. Finally an imperial guard novel that while focusing on the crew of the “Mars Triumphant”, the victory wasn’t brought about by one unit. The end came from Troopers, Tanks, bigger Tanks, and finally Lance strikes (many Lance strikes) that bring the war to a close. I really enjoy the gritty 40k universe but, some times the meat grinder battles seem silly with some of the resources avalible. Most of the time it’s the guard or spacemarines, battling away on the surface with warships full of equipment and personel fighting a seperate battle in space. Thanks again for bringing that all together as one BIG DANGEROUS WEAPON. Lances…..finally! On a slightly different note I also enjoyed Pharos,Rise of the horned Rat, Skarsnik, and am looking forward to Shadowsword. Keep the good stuff coming!!

    • guyhaley says:

      Cheers. I’m glad you liked it. I’ll tell you, the very first thing I ever ask when I’m writing a 40k book with a big land battle in it is “So, why don’t they just nuke the site from orbit? No. Seriously, why don’t they? WHY?” And then I go from there. 🙂

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