Death of Integrity

Death of Integrity

Published: August, 2013

Page count: 414

Publisher: The Black Library

ISBN: 1849702985

Death of Integrity

The space hulk, Death of Integrity is infested by a terrifying brood of Genestealers. When Mantillio Galt, First Captain of the Novamarines, answers a call for aid from the Blood Drinkers in cleansing the hulk, he find himself drawn into an uneasy alliance with both the Novamarines’ brother chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus.

As the three organisations attempt to wrest the space hulk’s archeotech from the grasp of the foul xenos, Galt finds that the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Blood Drinkers harbour secrets of their own, and that perhaps not even the greatest gathering of terminator Space Marines for thousands of years can guarantee victory.

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  1. ethanreilly says:

    Super-excited for this one Guy – as a fan of the Novamarines it’ll be good to see (or read about!)them in action, especially on one of their most famous missions! Also interested to see your take on them, and how you’ve differentiated them from other Primogenitor Chapters. Will there be any sneak-peeks as we get closer to the release date?

    • guyhaley says:

      Thanks for the enthusiastic comment! Writing the Novamarines was a lot of fun. I’ve tried to include everything that’s been written about them in the past, which isn’t much, but the tattooing, their homeworld, their fleet-based nature, the fact that they rarely fight in large numbers – all that and more is in there.
      Central to the way I’ve approached them is that they very much see themselves as direct inheritors of the Ultramarines’ traditions, but, time wreaking change as it does, have drifted a fair way from their primogenitor chapter’s ways. More than that, I cannot say. 😉
      Whether or not there will be sneak peeks before the release date is entirely up to the Black Library, but if it’ll whet your appetite further, I can say that I’m really pleased with the way Death of Integrity has turned out, and can’t wait for it to be released so I can get some feedback on it.
      Lastly, the Novamarine heraldry is very cool, I love the quartered look as much as their story background! A definite favourite chapter of mine, and one I would like to revisit.

  2. TC says:

    Excellent novel. I enjoyed the detailed lent to the culture of the Novamarines, and hope to see more of them in future novels, especially their tactical acumen, humble lifestyle and noble diction. Other fans have hoped to limit the combat speciality of the Novamarines to “space combat” and boarding actions, although their history(in the Lexicanum and Warhammer Wiki) suggests that they are equally capable of planet-side combat, especially urban fighting. Hopefully, future novels will not limit the Novas to space only in the sense that they are rendered incompetent in planet-side engagements. With that hope expressed, the first boarding action with Galt was an excellent kick-off, and the Space Hulk atmosphere was tense and well executed.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the kind words. I have written a Novamarine short story (very short) called “Final Journey”, which you can get from the BL website, but that’s it so far. I hope to write more about them, as they’re my favourite chapter.
      The Novamarines spend a lot of time in small groups on long-range patrols and fight a lot in space. Although this means they might be slightly better at it than other chapters, it doesn’t mean they cannot or do not fight in other environments. All Space Marines are trained to operate in all kinds of different warzones. However, because of the nature of their operations and the size of group that they favour, I think limited orbital insertion missions would form the majority of their non-space battles. I doubt you’d see them invade or defend a planet all on their own.
      Still, I stress, just because space war is their specialty, it doesn’t mean they’re rubbish at everything else!

  3. Sraven says:


    (Minor Spoilers)

    Novel was great, loved the Blood Drinkers and have begun painting up a few now. Was wondering if you are planning to further write about the marines of San Guisiga? The books end clearly alluded to the inquisition potentially getting involved, would be great to see the homeworld explored and the inquisitorial investigation.



  4. TC says:

    All of this sounds great. I eagerly await another novel on the Novamarines, depicting their in-space/task-force speciality and/or the Blood Drinkers. Good luck and may you find the time.

  5. I’m in the midst of this one right now, and I’m loving it! It’s particularly amusing for me because I’m one of the what… three? Four people in the world with an actual Knights of Blood army? Every time Voldo references how annoying and impetuous they are, it makes me smile.

    Anyway, we’re having a spirited debate over on Bolter and Chainsword about one of your choices in the book, and I was wondering if you could weigh in.

    Early in the book, you have Galt refer to the Blood Drinkers as “Blood Angels,” and at a later point he calls one of their serfs a “creature of the Blood Angels.” Is this meant to imply that it’s culturally appropriate, among Space Marines, to refer to a chapter by its legion? Would this be considered polite by most chapters, or only one as tightly knit as the Blood Angels and their successors (ie. an Angel Encarmine will shrug if an outsider calls him a Blood Angel, but if you call a Son of Orar an Ultramarine he’s going to punch you in the teeth). Is this an artifact of some earlier draft in which the book was Novamarines and Blood Angels, not one of their successors?

    The greatest testament to this book I can give is that it’s got me wondering if I could squeeze out the cash to start Novamarines. The answer is almost certainly no, but… as a Blood Angels codex player, I never thought I’d find a codex-compliant chapter as interesting as you make the Novamarines!

    Finally… any chance of a Knights of Blood book/short story? That would be neat…

    • guyhaley says:

      Thanks for that! I’m afraid it’s a mistake. They always were Blood Drinkers, so it was a slip of the typewriter. But we’ll be generous to me and say that to Galt they appear so similar it’s he that makes the mistake. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though!

    • guyhaley says:

      And I have no plans to write the Knights of Blood, but never say never!

  6. Candleshoes says:

    Hello Guy,

    Been following the Blog and reading your thoughts leading up to Death of Integrity, and just finished it as part of my Christmas reading. Some excellent details and story hooks laid out by you, that’s for sure! Very pleased with your work and have moved on to reading several of your other pieces, and really dig your take on the Black Templar.

    I like many others thought the way you wrote about the Knights of Blood, actually stole a little of the show, as well, made us hungry for more. I have literally heard conversations of people talking about the nods of information you through in – it sparked a lot of imagination for hobby groups.

    Had a question for you – if you could write from the Knight’s perspective, in the current 40k timeline (as opposed to several thousand years ago as per DoI timeline) where do you see them sitting as a chapter? Full chaos gribbly? Outcast and misunderstood? Aloof and following their own agenda outside the Imperium? Noble and proud, but betrayed by the Imperium? Full on lawful good Blood Angel successor, that just so happened to get kicked out of the Imperium, but still function like a normal space marine chapter with their own fleet and homeworld?

    Thanks, love what you do, please keep up the excellent work and Merry Christmas!


  7. ElectricPaladin says:

    I’d love to second that question!

    However, I’ve got to say that I fully expect your answer to be “er… I dunno.” I’m a writer, too (albeit a much, much less successful one…), and I know that Mr. Haley probably doesn’t walk around thinking “now, what would I do with the Knights of Blood…” Just because he chose them to mention in the background of Death of Integrity doesn’t mean that he’s actually given their current situation any real consideration! Honestly, if I had to pick a random Blood Angels successor to have Voldo reference disdainfully, I’d pick the Knights of Blood as well. Or possibly the Flesh Eaters (“fatally undone by their geneseed”).

    I do agree that the little tidbits about the Knights were tantalizing, and perhaps the ground is fertile for a book about them… but whether or not that happens isn’t even entirely up to Mr. Haley.

    • guyhaley says:

      Righty-ho. Thanks both for asking this question. Sorry not to answer earlier, but I’ve had an evening of wargames and am now free (albeit restricted to my iphone).

      Electricpaladin is correct, so much so that I’ll just say “rumbled”. I chose the Knights of Blood because the story was set before they were censured in the timeline, and I thought it’d be cool to mention them instead of the Fleshtearers, who are getting a lot of airtime at the moment. I did, however, think on them a little; I see them as one of those chapters who think they are loyal, and still fight for the Emperor, but whose actions are so extreme they’re practically regarded as enemies by the Imperium. I don’t see them as chaos worshippers, or even renegade, just really dangerous.

      But this is no more than a hobbyist’s musing, drawn from material in the codexes, the kind of thing we all discuss over the gaming table, and carries no official weight.

  8. Personally, I’ve always liked the idea that this is one of the Dark Millennia’s lovely ambiguities. On the one hand, they have performed some excesses in the name of the Emperor, but on the other hand, they’ve pissed off some powerful people… so who knows? Is their excommunication fair, or are they being targeted because in their righteousness they stepped on too many toes? That depends on where you stand.

  9. Reldn says:

    I must say that for the most part I really loved the book. The Novamarines were awesome and I was really excited to read about the Blood Drinkers as they’ve long been a favorite chapter of mine and I’ve been working on an army of them…

    Sadly, the “twist” regarding them has kind of ruined them for me. It used to be that by embracing their monstrous nature and living up to their namesake, it granted them a decent measure of control over the flaw. Whereas now It’s just demonic trickery.

    • guyhaley says:

      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading. Sadly, this is the big problem all of us writers risk when writing for BL; that we’ll disappoint people who are fans of the factions we depict with our depiction. And actually someone made a similar comment regarding the Novamarines in the book in a review, that they weren’t the way he envisaged them. The old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time is relevant here. So I’m pleased that you were half pleased 🙂

      All of us hobbyists can have the experience when we spend years working on an army, only for the new details to conflict with the stories we’ve been telling.

      All I can do when detailing relatively unknown chapters like the BD is to take the few details that have been written about them, expand upon them and interpret them according to my own inspiration and understanding, within the context of the 40k universe, and that often means chaos. If it makes it any better for you, I’d say that although in DOI the Blood Drinkers do derive their resistance to the thirst in part thanks to the efforts of chaos, they still defy their would-be patron to own them. That kind of makes them heroic. At least, that was my intention.

      If it doesn’t make you feel better, just bear this in mind: As a hobbyist, your interpretations and the stories you tell with your models are just as valid as mine.

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