Seal Team 666 (book, Weston Ochse, 2013)

From SFX #234


Author: Weston Ochse

Publisher: Titan Books

Supernatural SEALs


Seal Team 666 pits America’s real-life action heroes against the occult. A blockbuster premise, but it derails itself at the beginning with an opening crammed full of laboriously explicated military acronyms, and no immediately distinguishable characters.

It’s a slip up that does the story a disservice. Seal Team 666 is by no means a great book, but it passes the time pleasantly. US veteran Ochse knows whereof he writes, and the military aspects of the story are insanely detailed (which may be a turn on or a turn off, depending on your tolerance for gun porn), and the horror aspects of the tale are very effective. Demonic entities, horrible supernatural flashbacks, gloriously described deaths and a generous portion of gore. Great stuff.

In character and pacing it’s less successful. The plot is a string of similar missions, and although the pages zip by in these sequences (although you can just see any one of them disastrously made into a SciFi Channel TV movie), the connecting tissue is less impressive. It’s very… American. The heroes are cumbersome creations with little depth, characterisation is liberally draped emotional tinsel. There is a dog on the team who owes much to Rintintin and Disney. All the chicks are hot. The US is best, every other nation is questionable. Osama Bin Laden was an actual demon. That kind of thing.

Still, it’s fun in fits and starts, and the series (it’s a series) could develop into something cool.

Did you know?

Weston Ochse knows lots of martial arts, was in US Army Intelligence for years, and speaks Chinese. He’s a whisker away from being one of his heroes.


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