Dr Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (book, Greg Broadmore, 2008

From Death Ray 13. This is a sort of tie-in book to a range of awesome steampunk rayguns made by Weta Workshop. Go to their website, it’s faux-Imperial fun at its best. And if I could afford one of their guns, I’d buy one. Steampunk making par excellence, really.

Greg Broadmore/Dark Horse Comics/£7.00


 Steampunk hilarity from those crazy colonial Kiwis

If you like skits on the mores of our world-spanning forebears, and we most certainly do, then you will love Doctor Grordbort’s etc. A tie-in product for Weta Workshop’s Edwardian rayguns, it hails from the same bonkers, 1920’s steampunk universe where mad dogs and madder Englishmen battle Moon-men and shoot endangered Venusian wildlife in the company of scantily clad flappers. Presented in the style of an old-fashioned (though anachronistically full colour) catalogue, handsomely illustrated throughout, the Directory advertises everything from moon-tanks to Bifurnilisers in the jolly amusing, hectoring manner of a late Imperial arse.

And there’s not much more to say than that, but no more needs to be said. Top show.


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