Draw Fantasy Figures/Fantasy Artist’s Pocket Reference (books, 2008)

Draw Fantasy Figures


Gary Spencer Millidge and James McKay/New Holland


Fantasy Artist’s Pocket Reference


Finlay Cowan/Impact


A brace of art books, potential presents for crafty kids.

If you’ve been wondering why each issue of the indie comic Strangehaven takes so long to come out, here might by your answer – creator Gary Spencer Millidge has been moonlighting.

A book of basic techniques, Draw Fantasy Figures provides a good grounding in drawing human characters, with tips on how to use the usual anatomical framework employed by artists to knock up an orc or three. It’s written in the usual, slight style all books of this ilk are, but there’s enough in it to for someone with a good eye to benefit, and would make a useful accompaniment to a more cerebral volume like John Howe Fantasy Art.

There are precious few insights between the hard covers of the second book. Each page supposedly presents you with a fantasy archetype, but actually many of them are obscure fairies. The pictures, many of which are poor, are commented on in the most general of ways, with a scattershot of suggestions for further study. Woolly, poorly thought out and executed, it literally teaches you nothing about art.

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