Horror Films (book, Colin Odell and Michelle LeBlanc, 2008)

From Death Ray 12.


Colin Odell and Michelle Le Blanc/Kamera Books

The latest in the Kamera film book series tackles the bloodiest genre of them all.

Kamera have been busily knocking out these books on film, by genre, type and director, for a while now, and they build up to a nice looking row on your shelf. But the titles suffer for their brevity, and it’s hard to know who’d find these useful. It’s the old “too detailed for beginners, not detailed enough for the experts” dilemma. The initial discussion on what horror is, why we love it and the history of it in cinema is interesting enough, as are the introductions to  the book’s sections, broken down by region. But the catalogue of films these head are too patchy, the entries too brief, to make this an essential reference work. A book of more extensive essays on the subject, backed with a list of essential viewing and further reading would have been far more enlightening.

Horror Films is accessibly written, and the authors know and love their subject. But anyone who is interested enough in horror to want a book on it is going to discover much more than Horror Films can offer quickly – there are more comprehensive works out there, though it may provide a useful starting point for teenager, perhaps someone wanting to write an A-level essay on the subject.

The book comes accompanied by a disc of three recent British horror shorts. These are all top quality offerings, and make a welcome addition to the publication.

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