Incredible Comics with Tom Nguyen (book, 2008)

A review from Death Ray 10.

Tom Nguyen/Impact


More comic drawing fun, this time with added cleavage

Tom Nguyen makes no bones whatsoever about what drawing comics is about, titling different sections of book how to draw “Stud Muffins” and “Babes, Gals and Kittens”, and having his advice illustrated by a sexy blonde in a bikini called Tay. For Nguyen, it’s all about the flesh, and really, when it comes to most comics, that’s true. This book is actually a fairly decent guide to the comic artist’s world of exaggerated anatomy, other aspects cover perspective, scripting, inking… You name it, the whole lot is in here. Unlike some other books like this, it’s overflowing with personality, and Nguyen isn’t afraid to come down hard on those who he thinks don’t put in the graft to get the basics right. He’s a hard teacher, but fair, because he provides plenty of advice and examples to help you get it right. Too often the advice in artbooks is ephemeral and useless, and you can’t say that about this one, although you do have to forgive Nguyen his muscle fetish and the photographs of girls in bikinis  clustered round him.

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