Out of the Forests… The Art of Paul Bonner (Paul Bonner, book, 2008)

Paul Bonner is among my favourite artists. If you click on his name you can read an interview I did with him to accompany this review. I loved this book. From Death Ray 10.


Paul Bonner/Titan Book

Beautiful pictures from one of gaming’s most prolific artists.

Paul Bonner’s painted for virtually every major producer of fantasy and SF games active over the last two decades, many of whom, sadly, are now defunct. If that means that his artwork has not come to the wider, non-gaming audience, then that’s a shame. But this book should help set that to rights. If you like poring over beautifully painted fantasy and SF artwork, then you should certainly pick up Out of the Forests.

The pictures, which are drawn from across his entire career, are magnificently reproduced, on semi-matte paper that avoids the reflective issues that a higher gloss varnish often brings to other artbooks (like, when light shines on the painting, you can’t see it!), and the book’s large format means they’re shown at a decent size, more often than not on a single page, so you’re not losing any of it to the fold in the middle. Bonner’s accompanying text is a pleasant read, giving a good insight into the works of the man and how he executes his art. If there are any criticisms, it is that the captions on the pictures are somewhat lacking, and that it would have been great to have seen his later Scandinavian folklore inspired landscapes at a larger size. These are what he really loves doing, and it shows. I could quite happily buy a book simply of them.

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