The Ironclad Prophecy (book, Pat Kelleher, 2011)

From SFX #213.


Author: Pat Kelleher

Publisher: Abaddon Books

Oh, what a lovely war!

Pat Kelleher’s band of plucky Tommies are back, fighting for survival on an alien planet. At war with an insectoid race, the Tommies need their tank Ivanhoe, currently out on reconnaissance. But the tank’s commander Mathers is off his head, suffering from mental disorder and from addiction to the tank’s LSD-like fuel, and has proclaimed his tank a god…

Packed full of period detail and realistically “Imperial” sentiments, the No-man’s World series reads like a genuine old-school boys’ own adventure, so much so you half-believe Kelleher’s “found manuscript” framing device. If the book suffers in comparison to the first it is that it is no longer a novelty, and lacks the former’s gripping opening. If it suffers in similarity it is because the prose is still knottily purple. Otherwise spiffing.

Did you know?

Pat Kelleher has written comics for virtually every kids TV property, including My Little Pony.


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