The Wizard’s Promise (book, Cassandra Rose Clarke, 2014)

From SFX #244.


Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Icy action

The first part in a companion duology to The Assassin’s Curse series, The Wizard’s Promise takes us far up north where it is icy and grim. Magically talented Hanna, daughter of a dusky ex-pirate and an insular Norse archetype finds herself apprenticed to a dull fisherman. Or is she?

Do all YA heroines have to be a) explosively whiny b) blind to their own ability and c) easily duped? Perhaps not, but Hanna fits into the category. She’s yet another young heroine without the steering oar of self-determination, entirely at the tidal mercies of a plot where every character refrains from truthfulness for reasons of dramatic necessity. Hanna’s along for the ride as much as we are. Nice world, smooth writing, kickable lead. It’s all a bit sub-Earthsea.

Did you know?

Hanna is named for Ananna, heroine of the The Assassin’s Curse series. A tenuous but important narrative link.