The Wolfstone Curse (book, Justin Richards, 2013)

From SFX #237.


Author: Justin Richards

Publisher: Templar

432 pages

Nazi werewolf mayhem

Boy meets girl meets Nazis meets werewolves in this slight but fun romp. World War II Nazi experiments (was there anything they didn’t meddle with?) have produced a new strain of werewolf-ish super-soldiers. Complicating the issue are “proper” werewolves of ancient stock. Late-teen protagonist Peter (and the wolf, geddit?) gets drawn into the mix while visiting his dad’s latest archaeological dig in the Cotswolds.

Competently written and possessed of a loping pace, Wolfstone reads like a polished but not quite classic CBBC drama. Sounds patronising to say, but it’s perfect for readers out for something light and frothy. We mean that in a good way – its plot has just the right amount of intrigue, there are popular monsters (Nazis! Werewolves! Nazi werewolves!), while the awkward romance offers good cross-gender appeal. Unchallenging entertainment, although some of the geography is extremely iffy  – St Petersburg is not due east of Poland. In fact, Russia proper doesn’t even border Poland. Tsk.

Did you know?

Justin Richards is an editor for Doctor Who off the telly. No wonder Wolfstone’s got that TV vibe about it…