Boogeyman 3 (film, 2009)

I have reviewed some really obscure films over my career, including a lot of blink-and-forget sequels. Like this one! The premise of this film (monster in the closet, basically) reminded me of the creepy, three-hundred-year-old oak wardrobe that I used to have at the foot of my bed. It was tall and deep, big enough to hide a large man in, and the door did not shut. Very spooky. One night, my little brother Tristan hid in there, waited about half an hour while I read, then jumped out shouting “Rargh!” as I was about to go to sleep. I nearly died of fright while he ran away giggling. Bastard. From Death Ray #19.



Director: Gary Jones

Writer: Brian Sieve

Starring: Erin Cahill, Chuck Hittinger, Mimi Michaels, Mat Rippy

Part three of monster-under-the-bed franchise goes to college, and why not?

Ah, the PR industry, bless it. Sometimes it’s just little too keen – Boogeyman is not, we fear to say, one of the most popular sci-fi franchises of all time, as one line had it. But it is quite creepy, we’ll give it that.

Boogeyman‘s modest success is predicated entirely on the fact that all kids, almost without exception, are frightened at one time or another that some horrible thing is going to coalesce out of their bedroom shadows and eat them. Films that exploit this childhood worry have a free pass to terror, one that can be used multiple times.

The story is not very original. The daughter of the (now deceased) psychologist from the second film is murdered by the Boogeyman. Her roommate, who witnesses the event, unleashes the monster on her entire college dorm by convincing her fellow students that it is real. It doesn’t make much sense either, the Boogeyman proves to be far from some etheric fear to begin with, jumping right out of the cupboard from the get go – people don’t need much convincing that he is real. But that’s not the point. A cast of similar (and way too cool) students are dispatched in a variety of Freddy Krueger-esque ways. That’s the point , as always with this kind of thing.

Lots of blood, some scares, plenty of cheese – your average horror, though it did scare the pants off the missus.


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