Iron Man (film, 2008)

My take on the first movie. From Death Ray 16.


2008/125 mins

Director: Jon Favreau

Writers: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marum, Matt Holloway

Starring: Robert Downey Jnr, Terence Howard

Shellhead goes all out on DVD, bells and whistles definitely included.

Flawed, rich, drunk, wrapped in hi-tech tin, Tony Stark has long been a fan fave (he’s popular here at Death Ray). Robert Downey Jnr., no doubt drawing on some of his own experience with excess, pretty much nailed the character, although disappointingly he did it without looking like a ’70s porno star. The suit – wow, a shiny supreme provoker of envy. We’ve always wanted one of those, now we want one more. And Jeff Bridges, a fantastic study of the very unpleasant Obadiah Stane.

But the story? The origin was polished off well, plenty of hints laid in for future movies, Iron Man and otherwise, the rest was not so hot. Once the aforementioned elements had fought for space with the obligatory learning-to-use-powers sequence, there was only so much running time, and that was taken up by a villain who was too similar to the hero. The finale, yet again in a super-flick, was two similar guys duking it out in the dark. The biggest problem with Iron Man, though, is that the alter-ego is so much more interesting than the hero.

The end result is many great scenes strung together in a somewhat lethargic way, with a little too much right-wing seasoning. Pretty good, but could have been better.


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