Mammoth (Film, 2007)

A review of the made-for-TV SciFi channel movie Mammoth. From Death Ray 05.

One and a half stars

2006/90 mins/15

Director: Tim Cox

Writers: Tim Cox, Brook Durham, Don Giarisco, Sean Keller

Starring: Vincent Ventresca, Tom Skerritt, Summer Glau

Alien possessed zombie woolly mammoth goes bananas. Nowhere near as fun as it sounds.

A SciFi channel (US) original, Mammoth is made-for-TV trash.

The plot is a mishmash of ideas that, together with half-hearted japes and nods to other films, inform the viewer that director Cox is aiming for a Tremors-style B-movie vibe, one that he never captures. Instead, the film’s referential quips are sheepish, as if Mammoth is openly apologizing for being so awful.

And it should apologize for inflicting on us a plot wherein a 40,000 year old mammoth (frozen in a block of ice that doesn’t melt in an unrefrigerated room), is brought to murderous life by aliens. Wait, there’s more. For reasons which are never satisfactorily explained, it goes on the rampage and starts sucking people’s’ souls out with its trunk.

This is far more awful than it sounds.

As even bad CGI is expensive (and boy, this is bad CGI) we get to see precious little of the titular pachyderm, so the film is filled out with poor comedy and tedious familial wrangling about hero Dr Abernathy’s (Ventresca) inability to connect with daughter Jack (Glau). This is a blessing, however, as the mammoth is about as convincing as an undead version of Manfred from Ice Age.

With production values so low that the sound of the beast’s footfalls don’t even match the animation, this is a mammoth waste of time.

Did you know?

The last real mammoths hung on until 4,000 years ago on Wrangel island, now in the Russian arctic.

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