Return to House on Haunted Hill (film, 2007)

A review of a straight to DVD movie sequel, from Death Ray 08.


2007/109mins/18 • £12.99

Director: Victor Garcis

Writer: William Massa

Starring: Amanda Righetti, Erik Palladino, Andrew Lee Potts

So-so sequel to Dark Castle remake of Vincent Price classic.

Dark Castle Entertainment has been an interesting experiment. Established by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Gilbert Adler with the intention of remaking William Castle’s back catalogue, Dark Castle’s films may not be the acme of horror, but a couple of half-decent shockers have come out of it. Give them credit at least, for though their credo is a result of Hollywood’s current period of ferocious autophagy, this direct to video flick is only their first sequel.

Sara Wolfe, one of only two survivors of the first film, is murdered, dragging her sister into a hunt by two rival academics for a missing statue of great occult power hidden in the Vannacutt Institute… It’s an average affair, exhibiting the usual trappings of horror sequels – a complication of the premise and an overly long set-up to provide plot, one-dimensional characters, and the lessening of both budget and energy. But it does have some excellent effects. Not as good as the first movie (yes, it is good), but a reasonable evening’s entertainment nonetheless.

Extras: Extra scenes, character confessionals, music video and a mini pseudo-documentary.



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