The Last Lovecraft (2010)

From SFX 205.


Director: Henry Saine

Writer: Davin McGinn

Starring: Kyle Davis, Davin McGinn and Matt Bauer

2009 / 18 / 81 / mins / £12.99

Surprisingly successful Lovecraft spoof.

“Slacker comedy” and “H.P. Lovecraft” are two phrases that should never be uttered in the same week, let alone in the same sentence, but that is exactly what this is, and it’s surprisingly successful.

A low-budget indie flick, The Last Lovecraft (also confusingly entitled Cthulhu’s Relic) has it that old H.P. wasn’t a strange bloke who wrote seriously screwed-up stories, but a two-fisted illuminatus whose fiction was intended to warn the world. With Cthulhu threatening to rise again, half a seal that can unlock the tentacle-faced star-god’s coffin is entrusted to Jeff, Lovecraft’s last living descendant.

Why on Earth this vital task would be entrusted to such a shlub is the film’s weakest part. Otherwise it’s funny, there’s some good monsters, and it treats its source material with irreverent respect. It’s also pretty slick, with few of the problems you often find in similar material, being well-edited, performed, shot and written, and unlike many a low-budgeter, it does not outstay its welcome.

There’s yet to be a truly great H.P. Lovecraft movie, but if you liked, say, Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, you’ll appreciate this –there’s no way this film should work, but somehow, it does.

Did you know…?

The actual HP Lovecraft dies without issue, a fact that is brought up and quickly got around in the film.


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