Original Thundercats (TV, 2008)

A DVD review from Death Ray 13.

Season II, part 1


1986/724 mins/U

Director: Various

Writer: Various

Creator: Tobin Wolf

Starring: Larry Kenney, Bob McFadden, Earl Hammond, Lynne Lipton, Earle Hyman, Peter Newman, Victor Trujillo, Rob Paulsen

Feel the magic, hear the roar… You know the rest.

Thundercats was the best of the 1980s toy-pushing cartoons. More creative than Transformers, and less patronising than He-Man, with which it shares science-fantasy genes, Thundercat‘s themes of honour, loyalty and truth were honest ones, honestly delivered. That our moral tutors were cats, in space, on an alternate earth, making alliances with robot teddy bears and fighting techno-vikings made it genius, almost acid-headedly imaginative.

And it had a pumping theme tune.

Season two saw a change to multi-episode stories. Lion-O and co are joined by three other Thunderians, Lynx-O, Ben-Gali and Pumyra, and Mumm-ra rebuilds their destroyed homeworld of Thundera for his own evil ends.

This price for this much retro-cartoonage is a steal, no matter how rubbishly animated, which, to be honest, it often is.

Extras: The Rembrandts sing Thundercats are Loose!

Di d you know?

Thundercats was animated in Japan, by a group of studios who went on to found Studio Ghibli.


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