Reaper (TV, 2009)

The best of the supernatural/ comedy shows popular a few years ago, in my opinion. I really enjoyed Reaper. A review of season 2, from Death Ray #19.

Directors: Stephen Cragg, Ron Underwood, Tom Cherones, Kevin Dowling

Writers: Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters, Craig DiGregorio, Kevin Etten, Chris Dingess

Starring: Bret Harrison, Tyler Labine, Rick Gonzalez, Ray Wise, Missy Peregrym


Being a young man with a crummy job is not much fun, and it’s not made any better by being the son of Satan.

If there ever was a series designed to bait American fundamentalist Christians, it is Reaper, where hero Sam enters a second year of service to the devil, his friend Ben embarks on a romantic affair with a demon, and his other pal Sock continues his quest to live up to every one of the the Seven Deadly Sins.

On the other hand, it could well be employed in some religious school somewhere as a teaching aid. The show’s heavy on the redemption, features a Satan who acknowledges God loves everyone and will ultimately triumph, and its storylines frequently frown at the pleasures of the flesh. Sam is almost saintly. Despite discovering that he is actually the son of Old Nick himself, he seems immune to temptation, and strives to do the right thing while performing his role as bounty hunter for Hell, hunting down the escapee damned. This is almost an advert for American non-conformist church fun.

Reaper is a series about friends and family, it’s kind of cuddly and wholesome underneath the horns and Kevin Smith style slacker attitude. And it’s funny, though of course the Devil gets all the best lines “Satan is attracted to radishes?” he incredulously states at one point, leafing through Sam’s book on demonology, “do they mean sexually? That’s disgusting! Where do they get this stuff?” And Satan also has the best actor, the amazingly smooth Ray Wise. He’s got the devil’s own role, and seems to be enjoying himself immensely.

If anything funnier and slicker than its initial run, Reaper is damnably good telly.


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