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A few eagle-eyed folks out there have spotted Black Library books from the far future on Amazon and tweeted about them. This is because Amazon gets GW’s catalogue nice and early. So, as it’s out there, I’ve been given the go ahead to talk about these titles a bit here.

Two of mine have been mentioned on the net. The Beast Arises 12 is the first. I’ve been pretty open about writing the conclusion to the series but it seems to be news to some people. Finishing off this massive run of books is a big privilege and I’m raring to get going on it. The finale has loads of that political chicanery that I love, so it’ll be totes awesome to pen (as they say. Or probably used to say about 20 years ago).

However, first I have to write Shadowsword. This sequel to my first ever Black Library book has been a long time coming and I am so excited to be writing it. Which I am doing right now, in fact. It is a direct sequel, and follows on from Baneblade and the two shorts “Iron Harvest” and “Stormlord”. Bannick is back in his new baneblade, Cortein’s Honour, battling the enemies of the Imperium. There will, of course, be a shadowsword in it too.  More than this, I cannot say.

And these are but two of the many projects I’m currently working on for BL. Check back here from time to time, I’ll be talking about them when I can. If I say too much, it’ll be inquisitorial trouble for me, so don’t expect too much!


To tie-in with Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse (out now!), I was asked to write two short stories and they’ve both been released. The first, “Iron Harvest”, is a follow up to Baneblade, and follows Honoured Lieutenant Bannick as he leaves Kalidar to take command of his own super-heavy tank, Cortein’s Honour. It was great fun to continue Bannick’s adventures, and I got quite carried away, so it’s a pretty long short story. Um, by which I mean twice the commissioned length… So it’s a bargain for you!

The second is “Engine of Mork”, which is hot off the presses today! (Metaphorically speaking, as you know, it’s a digital story). I love orks, and I loved writing this tale of a mekboy mob down on its luck on a backwater world. A nascent Waaagh, Death Skull thievery, mek boy ingenuity and very big guns all feature prominently. Crump!

A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Geoff and Carl at the wargaming podcast The Independent Characters. It was heaps of fun, and went up on the net earlier this week. I talk mostly about Baneblade, but within that cover my work process, what it’s like writing for The Black Library, where my ideas come from and other writing-craft related topics. Be aware, there are spoilers.

I’m very tired today, having been up in Yorkshire celebrating my 40th birthday. Yeah, FORTY. Now I feel… Not old exactly, but well on the way to it. Still, lots of fun, and my lovely family all clubbed together to buy me an iPad, so I am at least still “down” with the “kids” or whatever the youth of today say.

Reviews for Baneblade are beginning to multiply. Here’s one from The Founding Fields, and another from Grogheads. Reviews thus far have generally been positive. Apart from this one by MegaV at Imperator guides.

Now, every book gets reviewed badly by at least somebody. Reading’s a personal thing. In my time I’ve given low scores to books that thousands of others like, and vice versa. Sometimes, I’ve been quite hard on a book. Bad reviews, as I’ve said before, are as useful to a writer as good ones. More useful, if it’s a well-written, critically insightful review. I’ve learned a lot from mine.

And usually, responding to bad reviews is a bad idea, but when someone’s calling you “f*&kface” simply because they don’t like your book, well, that’s not cricket really. I was annoyed enough to mention it, let’s put it like that.  Also, I’d be really excited to attend one of MegaV’s gaming sessions, as they must have really huge battles with hundreds of tanks on each side. Mine, alas, are slightly more modest.

A favourable review of Baneblade from the Warseer forums.

Baneblade (Guy Haley).


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Man, I totally forgot to tell you about “Stormlord”, it’s been a busy week what with finishing the final draft of Crash of and all.

To tie-in with the release of Baneblade, “Stormlord” is a standalone short story about another big Warhammer 40,000 tank. I decided to keep the tales quite closely linked, so although this particular battle takes place on another world, with another Imperial Guard army group, it’s set contemporaneously with Baneblade (more or less, you know what warp travel’s like). The story features another regiment of Paragon, and concerns a relative of Colaron Bannick (the protagonist of Baneblade). To whit, what happens to a young nobleman whose cousin causes a massive scandal at home? Nothing good, I assure you. Jonas Bannick didn’t even want to join the guard, let alone end up with an infantry regiment, but he had very little choice.

Who knows, maybe I’ll write a story about them meeting. I suspect Jonas Bannick might punch Colaron Bannick right on the hooter.

Anyway, the Stormlord is my favourite Imperial super-heavy tank model; a squat, bulky beast of a thing with a massive cannon on the front and a huge transport bay to get that cannon fodder… I mean, brave warriors of the Imperium, right into the fray. And that’s exactly what happens in the story, as a trio of these steel monsters storm a system of heavy defences protecting a defence laser. “Stormlord” was released on Monday as part of The Black Library’s ongoing “Digital Monday” series. It’s a mere £1.50. If you like it, hurrah! — there are more to come.