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I ride a flying dog

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Random wifflings
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I put this picture on Twitter and Facebook recently, but I’m so in love with it I’ve decided to put it up on here too. Taken by my friend Jan-Erik Posth (a nice German man married to a Swedish lady. He and I spend a good deal of time arguing about his belief in the imminent collapse of Western Civilisation), it shows me and my Malamute Magnus leaping over a puddle after yet another round of surface flooding a few weeks back. We’ve had rain floods all year in the UK. Magnus and I come home caked in mud every damn day, and the poor hound has to put up with the indignity of a good hosing before he can come into the house.

Looking at this image made me realise what a pleasure it is to have such a fine dog. Sure, he’s a massive pain sometimes, but the picture made me reflect on how much he’s changed these last two years, and how much more growing he has to do before he’s fully mature. Mentally, I add, at 48 kilos he’s as big as he’ll get physically, being neither particularly large nor particularly small for a British-born Mal.

The daily walk I have with Magnus is invaluable. It gets me my exercise and gets me out of the house for an hour,  where I tend to meet other human beings. Without him I’d be home alone for six hours, and with little adult company all day. He also does a fine job of pulling things along, including me on my bike, which is very exciting. So here’s to Doctor Magnus, without him I’d be a sight crazier.


September-november 106


Today Champion of Mars is out in the US! Hooray! Americans can buy it here. We Brits and other assorted Euro-types have to wait until May 10th. Oh well. Whet your appetites with the free sample, or head over to Solaris Books for more information.

There are two interviews with me online about it now, one at the Solaris Editor’s Blog, the other at SFX. They’re about the same book, so I do repeat myself a little, but about halfway through they diverge and I talk about Richards and Klein, writing spin-off fiction and other highly captivating subjects. Really, you’ll be captivated.

I’m not doing much at the moment. I had a flappy piece of cartilage removed from my knee last week and so will be out of action for some time. I can’t walk or move about at all. It’s very frustrating, and it’s made me think on how people with real mobility problems must feel. Worst of all, I have had to send Doctor Magnus away to the kennels until I recover enough to walk him. He’s a teenage pain in the backside at the moment, but I was welling up as I booked him in.

So, to take my mind off it, I submitted a short story today (expect to see it here when it is inevitably rejected) and  I’ve put a whole load of reviews up, including one of Lavie Tidhar’s early novella, An Occupation of Angels, where I make some comments on the perils of reviewing books of colleagues and friends. There are many others too, head on up to the drop down menus at the top. All these reviews date from my slightly angrier period (I’m always frigging angry, but I used to be more angry), so you may notice a change in tone to the later ones.

Until later.


This is the cover...

This here is the latest magazine I’ve edited; SFX Special 49: Best of British SF Television 2011 (that doesn’t mean it’s just stuff from 2011, it’s just because it’s out this year. A bit of a mouthful, I’ll grant you). This is the third such special I’ve edited, the others being one on Lost, and one called Ultimate Fantasy which was only the third or fourth they’d done, so that was way back. In fact, it was the first full-sized magazine I edited on my own. That was when I was still in my twenties, which is now a depressingly long time ago, so forgive me if I do not dwell upon it.


This latest is full of stuff about British Television, as you’d expect, and includes a double-sided poster (Misfits and an exclusive new Doctor Who image — if you squint you might be able to make it out on the wallet image below), Red Dwarf car sticker and Primeval mug mats.

Here’s the publicity blurb wot I wrote:

What-ho! Our next special celebrates all that is great about British genre television – past and present. We’ve oodles of hot new features about all your favourite, current shows including exclusive news about Misfits season 3, Toby Whithouse’s fave Being Human moments, top FX secrets from The Mill and Torchwood chat from Russell T Davies. PLUS there’s a myriad of delightful features on all things retro, including behind the scenes peeks at Gerry Anderson’s series, the top ten best British SF telly of all time, and the definitive history of Doctor Who! Join us for Merlin, Bedlam, Red Dwarf, Blake’s 7, Triffids, Tripods and atomic bombs besides, all in one action packed magazine.

We say: Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the airwaves! Toodle-pip now.

...and this is the wallet the magazine and gifts come in.

It’s £7.99, available from all good high street news outlets and Future’s own website. Go out and buy it now, so I can have more work and not starve to death. Ta.

Other news

Is it really news? Should I think of something else? Do you really care? No matter. Today, I made dog treats out of last year’s pig’s liver for my enormous dog. He is now the size of a wolf, and is in training not to eat my family (Monday nights in Wookey  Hole, which is appropriate given the Malamute/Chewbacca connection). I’ll be getting a new pig on 11th April. Bar a couple of trotters and some ham I have curing in the attic, I have finished eating the last. Expect more grisly pictures later in the year.

I’ve also nearly completed work on Baneblade, my first effort for The Black Library. Writing spin-off fiction is a lot harder than I thought it would be, I have to say. Next week, I continue Richards & Klein: Omega Point in earnest. Meanwhile, I dream of the massive shed I am going to build in my garden to work in, and try not to waste the day away playing Total War: Shogun 2. So there you go.