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I don’t personally like football much. It never got me. I’m too bookish, I suppose. Despite my desire to be all rugged and manly and doing solo sports and wandering around the countryside like a cut-price Aragorn with my giant dog, I am basically a nerd.

But my littlest brother Ralf loves the footie, and works for some famous ball-footers up Manchester way. There I believe he does something clever in Manchester United’s TV station, like this. All his own work. Good eh?


I posted last March about a film two of my brothers are making. The Beautiful Dream follows brother Ralf’s epic trip across Europe in 2010 to fulfil his dream of playing professional football – for seconds, for anyone,  it didn’t matter, he just wanted to say he had done it.

Ralf was a reasonably talented footballer in his youth, but is now a little… sluggish. However, he is a television editor, and my brother Tristan, who shot the footage, is a film cameraman. So the film is of a very high quality, and amusing. I only hope they finish it soon.

Here’s the recently completed second trailer. You can also find it on YouTube along with the earlier teaser.