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My short story “iRobot” is available to listen to this very day on excellent free audio magazine Starship Sofa. Originally published in Interzone #244, it’s been transformed into sound waves by the marvellous vocal cords of Nick Camm. Go check it out.

It’s the first time I’ve heard a story of mine read out. There was the one audio drama for Black Library’s advent run last year – “Strike and Fade” – but hearing prose spoken is a different experience to listening to a script. An interesting exercise, very useful to me in revealing what works and what doesn’t within the story and, indeed, in my writing style. Overall, I’m very happy with it, so I’ll say thanks to the guys at Starship Sofa for featuring me, and quietly sign out.


Science Fiction Times: “iRobot” by Guy Haley.

A very flattering review of my Interzone story, “iRobot”.

Jim Burns robot

Here’s a cool thing for a Tuesday, my very own Jim Burns illustration! Jim is one of the biggest names in traditional SF art, having painted covers for most of the genre’s leading lights at one time or another. I’m lucky enough to know Jim personally, and with whom I occasionally enjoy a pint. Quite by chance, he was commissioned to create this image for my first story in Interzone,” iRobot”. It’s in issue 244, out January. I’m very excited by Jim’s involvement, as many of his book covers adorned my shelves while I was a youth. Jim Burns, man, it’s Jim Burns!