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As promised, here are a couple of beastmen. Me and my regular gaming partner are playing a little Path to Glory campaign at the moment. As I’ve bought a fair few beastmen to play with in Age of Sigmar, I had to include some in my warband. The campaign has given me the excuse (if I really needed one) to buy some Slaves to Darkness models too. I find the start collecting boxes great value, so I got one of those and a box of Chaos Marauder Horsemen. Actually, only the Chaos Warriors are currently in my little army, but like I said, excuses to buy more models…

I really enjoy the opportunity to put whatever I like in my army. It works particularly well with Chaos, which is so diverse an alliance. I’ve got a bit sick of painting orruks for the time being, so having that all important gaming rationale for working on a bit of this and a bit of that is very welcome.

One thing I’ve noticed in putting all this stuff together is how constrained the sculptors were by having to get the units in old Warhammer to rank up. The older models, while nerd-ticklingly cool, lack the dynamism of the latest Age of Sigmar products, so I did a fair few arm and weapon swaps on my 30 beastmen to get a bit more variety and some attacking poses.

I’m halfway through the first little lot of ten Gors. Then I’ve ten Ungors to paint. I dismissed these as being puny in game, but I’ve become rather fond of their goaty little legs and their angry little faces. Pictures soon(ish).


Pow! A quick insight to what is on my hobby table right now. I’ve not had chance to do a lot recently, but I’ve done okay. Here’s some stuff.


A Cygor for my growing Beastmen Age of Sigmar Army. This model is brilliant, Games Workshop at its best – dynamic, packed with detail, and pretty damn weird. The instructions barely scratch the modelling options with the kit, and I opted for a beast of my own design. I enjoyed putting it together it so much I may buy another, just so I can do the traditional “death cow throwing giant glowing rock” version. Facing a summoning army (one of the oft complained about aspects of the game) will be a walk in the park with these things because they literally eat wizards. In the background you can see some of the many Orruks I’ve been batch painting for my Greenskinz army, and to the left it one of two nifty, laser cut MDF paint stands I bought over Christmas.


I’ve also been slowly putting together a couple of forces of 1/72 scale World War II armies for Bolt Action. Not played it yet as I want to have most of the materials painted and looking cool. This here is part of a resin bocage set that I have since finished.


Here’s my latest finished miniature for Age of Sigmar, a Warhammer giant, or as it is now known, gargant.

I’ve had this chap knocking about in a box for years. I originally got hold of it when we did the White Dwarf relaunch “Teh Giant Roxxor!” issue (yeah, I’ve had a long and lovely relationship with the internet). I distinctly remember the GW studio manager asking me suspiciously “Why did we give you one of those then?” Well, I needed to put the thing together so I could understand the kit properly and present it in the best light. I also really wanted one, but the first reason was paramount. I still think it’s important to engage with models when writing about them. When I was commissioned for Baneblade I assembled a Baneblade and had it on my desk throughout the writing. I still generally do something with the figures and/or games when I’m working. Not always, I admit, but often.

I didn’t paint this giant for ages for two reasons. The first was that I already had a painted Marauder Giant from waaaaay back (I still have it. It weighs as much as my head), and those pesky points values prevented me from taking two. Even when it was allowed, it didn’t make for a workable army. The second was that as time went on and WFB seemed to become more and more about breaking the latest army book and less about co-operative fun, I stopped playing in favour of other games (I really did have this experience a lot, and it wasn’t to my taste). Together with my also neglected until recently but now freshly painted Orruks, he’s finally out of the box and ready to stomp.


I decided on a traditional fairy-tale vibe for the giant, because I just love the fleeing peasant and his hapless, soon to be consumed mate.


Another detail I love is the cow! Brilliant. Besides being very dynamic, the model is festooned with humorous touches.









Rargh! Im going this way.

Rargh! I’m going this way. Stop me if you can.


A face only a hobbyist could love.


Enter the Orruks

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After a break of three years, Age of Sigmar has me all whipped up about fantasy gaming again. Note, this wasn’t due to lack of enthusiasm, only that my gaming club in Somerset was up a big hill from my house and in a pub. I could have driven, but you know, cider, and my Night Goblin army is chuffing heavy.

Owing to some tedious writerly financial nonsense, I’ve not got the cash to splurge on a bunch of the glorious new models (I have bought a few. Shh! Don’t tell the wife) but I was lucky enough to find a box of 70+ Warhammer Orcs, a Giant, and a chariot in my wargaming store cupboard. I bought a ton of them back in my White Dwarf days, before I decided to go all Goblin, and put the Orcs on the perpetual back burner. The benefits of being a long time collector, right there, because there was enough in that box to make a respectable force in its own right. Current Guy extends retrospective thanks to Past Guy, without whom this first warscroll of AoS models would not be possible.


Although I’ve not spotted any Orruks in the model photos in the new books, having studied the various painted artworks I’ve reassured myself that the Orruk aesthetic won’t diverge too far from the orcy one, so these boys should fit in with any new Orcs Orruks that GW might bring out.

I swore some time ago (for the fifth or sixth time) that I was sick of painting green. Turns out not, as I got so fired up I did some more Orks for 40k too. I’ll show you those later.

I’ve sworn I’ll not buy any more models for this army until I’ve painted the initial 70, but I need (really, really need) some boar boys so I can replace the horrid old plastic boars on the chariot. Of course, that will leave me with only three for cavalry purposes, so I better get two boxes…

And so it goes on.

Available to order today is The Eternal Crusader. Taking place during the Third War for Armageddon, the novella is set aboard the titular flagship of the Black Templars, and details High Marshal Helbrecht’s role in the conflict. Expect lots of void battles, and plenty of orks. Click here to order it!

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working away on an army of my own. I always do something with the miniatures when I’m writing for Games Workshop, whether it’s just assembling a few or painting an entire army. Here’s my progress so far collected together in one place.

IMG_2519 IMG_2507 IMG_2515IMG_2984IMG_2761 IMG_2583IMG_2935  IMG_2870IMG_2493 IMG_3050 IMG_3051

A little bit of hobby: Landspeeder 2

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Another completed model, the second Landspeeder for my slowly growing Black Templars army.