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Been on a very nice stag do this weekend for my youngest brother. Nothing too excessive, no endless drinking and worrying sexual antics, just good blokes and a mountain climb. My thighs hurt, mind. (From the climbing! Sheesh).

Anyway, here’s a couple of links to a couple of articles I wrote recently for Australia’s Live4 website. This regular gig is among the last few bits and pieces of journalistic work I do. It’s good to keep your hand in, I say.

This one is about the future of games consoles.

And this one is about cool things in space.



Here’s a short opinion piece I wrote for SFSignal’s Mind Meld. A regular article on this wonderful SF site, Mind Meld asks numerous scribes and pundits one question, and they all answer in their own special way. My special way is that of curmudgeon, judging by my reply. Published just before Christmas, the last I was involved in asked:

Q: How do you feel about the state of storytelling in video games? What do developers do right? What could they be doing better? What games do you think tell excellent stories?

And below is my answer. Click on the link above to see what the other fine folk had to say, although you can read my bit right here, if you wish.